Coffee Daze….

So today was International Coffee Day and although I enjoy a good cup of coffee daily, I think I drank too much. I woke up this morning, my hair puffed out, extremely sleepy from staying up too late and wondering, “Why is there not a fall chill in the air yet?!”

I found out shortly after through Social Media of this spectacular day being made especially for coffee and from then on I had an excuse to indulge myself. So, I can literally say, “I woke up like this” and mean it with enthusiasm and a smile. I may have drove my friend Lu a bit crazy today with taking this photo, because anyone who knows me realizes that I can not stay still for too long. In addition, I have First Life interruptions and ‘To-Do’s’ constantly. (Smooches to Lu!)

With all that said, Cortez Brandriss, the owner of Free Bird, has made some wonderful Gacha Coffee Cups (As seen in the photo) that are available at her main store as we speak. Today people were able to go to her store and as a member of her group could get a complimentary coffee cup. I of coarse played the Coffee Gacha several times and got a couple more cute cups. You can click here to teleport to the Free Bird Main Store.

As far as events in Second Life at the moment, we still have several going on. The Arcade Closes September 30th at Midnight slt-Click Here To Teleport; N21 is still going strong with great buys on fashion and decor-Click Here To Teleport; Shiny Shabby is open until October 12 and will gear up for it’s next round soon after-Click Here To Teleport; and Kustom 9 is still open until October 10th-Click Here To Teleport.
Happy shopping! Raises my coffee and offers a cheers to you!

★Need to complete your Gacha set? Looking for unique Gacha items? Teleport To the Bella Gacha Sim now to see what the Gacha Reseller’s have for sale! Click To Teleport
Gia’s Facebook

What Gia Is Wearing:


Coat: Moon Amore-Abril Coat @ Shiny Shabby
Blouse: Tee*Fy-Alyssa Tank Top in Cream @ N21
Pants:Emery-High Waisted Jeans Strauss Nastur
Shoes: Essenz- Marseille @ Shiny Shabby

Eyeglasses: Ariskea-Hipsty.Glasses.Leogirl
Necklace: LUXE-Geometric Leaf Necklace in Gold @ Shiny Shabby
Coffee Cup: Free Bird-Coffee Cup-Nothing Makes Sense @ The Free Bird Main Store

Gia’s Pose:
An Lar Poses-The Maven Series

What Lu Is Wearing:

Exile: Memory Bliss

Shaw: *BOOM*-Tinsley Scarf in Sepia
Blouse: Rowne-Anka Silk Blouse-Pearl Tucked
Skirt: *miwa’s airship*-Season skirt #7 Coffee @ Shiny Shabby
Boots: CoCo-Knee Boots in Copper

Glasses: Bad Unicorn Clothing-Red Hipster Glasses
Ring:LaGyo-Layered Rings
Coffee Cup: Free Bird-Rather Be Sleeping @ The Free Bird Main Store

Lu’s Pose:
No Wow-Sunday Blues Pose Set

Decor In Photo:
*bbqq*-Clothes Rack-V7-Silver-A @ Shiny Shabby
Garbaggio-Shoe Clutter Colorful @ The Arcade
Garbaggio-Shoe Clutter Nude-Shoe Clutter Classics @ The Arcade
Garbaggio-Shoe Clutter Pink @ The Arcade
Garbaggio-Shoe Clutter Red @ The Arcade
Garbaggio-Shoe Clutter Black @ The Arcade
Garbaggio-Shoe Boxes @ The Arcade
Garbaggio-Shoe Clutter Colorful @ The Arcade
Llorisen-Broken Column w/ Rocks @ Shiny Shabby
Rowne-Street Style Star-The City RARE @ The Arcade
*YS&YS* Wardrobe Hanger 11 ((From The Gacha Garden Event-August 2015))
*YS&YS* Wardrobe Hanger 03 ((From The Gacha Garden Event-August 2015))
*YS&YS* Wardrobe Hanger 12 ((From The Gacha Garden Event-August 2015))
*YS&YS* Wardrobe Hanger 01 RARE ((From The Gacha Garden Event-August 2015))
Zerkalo-Fall in Love – Bicycle @ Shiny Shabby
Zerkalo-Fall in Love – Rug @ Shiny Shabby
Zerkalo-Fall in Love – Pumpkin Sign @ Shiny Shabby
3D Trees-Autumn Trees-Fallen Leaves

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