That Magic….

Lu Ballet_Sparkles002

A spin a twirl and a flick of the wrist, she makes it look easy……
How can one resist? ….As she dances around leaving a wintry luminous mist.  -Gia

You may have seen many wearing Dead Dollz’s newest creation, a Ballet ensemble that just begs to be put on and perform a Déboulé . The Dead Dollz Designer has this set as a Gacha and you can check it out Here. This Gacha is currently at the Shiny Shabby Event and will be closing soon to get ready for their January round, so get on over there.

To help with the feel of the photo, I found a pretty sim that also has a dance studio called, “Tip Tap Toe Dance Studio”. They do offer classes that you can sign up for and have a wonderful sim that is decorated beautifully! If you want to check this studio out, just Click Here to teleport to it for more information.

I want to thank my very good friend Lu9028, for being my model for this photo and for being SO patient with me! When I saw her with this Ballet outfit on, I just knew I had to capture it and let the people of the Grid in on yet another Design that urges to be part of your inventory! Until next time, happy shopping and have a great day!


  • The Shiny Shabby’s December Event is running for a couple more days. To Teleport Now, Click Here.
  • Gia’s Flickr is Here
  • Connect With Gia On Facebook Here


What Lu Is Wearing:

Mesh Head:
Genesis Lab-Julia 2.0-Animated ULTRARARE  TP Now

Mesh Body:
Maitreya– Lara  TP Now

Truth Hair-Essena  TP Now

Dead Dollz-Ballet Leotard-White  NEW! At Shiny Shabby
Dead Dollz-Ballet Skirt-White  NEW! At Shiny Shabby
Dead Dollz-Legwarmers+Pointe RARE  NEW! At Shiny Shabby

Sari Sari-Ballet TP Now

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