Been Waiting….


Many of us that log into Second Life have a different story. I as an individual outside of Second Life, have done my share of struggle, growing and maturing; I have much experience in professional business and just straight up street. I’ve seen a lot and I am not a least bit concerned with bias opinion and the such. Second Life became a creative outlet for me years ago when I was renting a room out in RL; living in a very confined space. In SL I was able to make objects and sell them, which gave much needed confirmation of my creative skills and time. I do have an avatar that I started and flourished on originally, but because much changed in my RL, I felt it necessary to use my alternate that was more than ready to act as my now me, Gia. Being in Second Life over eight years-thinking about that fact as I type-I know that it has brought me much joy. I can not begin to put into words the amount of learning experience I have attained, here in this wonderful Virtual World that has propelled me in RL in many ways. I really do hope that Linden Labs keeps up on Second Life, even as they gravitate toward the opening of “Project Sansar“.

I have watched a recent interview with the new Linden Lab CEO and although much information is not yet clear, I really do think that this could potentially be an awesome reason to get involved with a new virtual world. Why not? I was once involved with “The Sims Online” and none of us at the time could have imagined its demise. With TSO’s eventual dissolution, many came into Second Life, like myself. All I am saying is to keep an open mind, I do not want to see Second Life fall off and have its final thrill, but do keep in mind, that the Linden Lab CEO has said they would continue to support Second Life and its platform even with the  eventual opening of “Project Sansar”. I will put some great links as references below, including their YouTube page. I definitely recommend checking them out, especially if you are curious and want to learn more about what many are calling Second Life 2.0.

  • Kustom 9 and Tres Chic Have Finally Opened Their Doors For Their January 2016 Rounds! Click Here To Teleport To Kustom 9 & Click Here To Teleport To Tres Chic
  • Looking For More Information About Project Sansar? Check Out Lab Chat’s YouTube Video On Second Life’s YouTube Channel Here
  • More Links Discussing Project Sansar: Here & Here Both Of These Links Have Great Information!


 What Gia Is Wearing:

Mesh Head:
Genesis Lab-Emily RARE  Teleport

Mesh Body:
Maitreya-Lara  Teleport

D!va-Manon in Onyx  Teleport

Keke-Star Crown-Queen @ K9  NEW!

Decor In The Photo:
Erratic/Home-Drink/Champagne  Teleport
Keke-Bright Star @ K9 NEW!
Keke-Star Crown-Princess @ K9 NEW!
Keke-We’re The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For @ K9 NEW!
Keke-Dark Star @ K9 NEW!

Imeka-Lay Down Poses   Their Marketplace Store




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