Leaving On A Train….

K9_Leaving On A Train_FINAL

Leaving on a train, wanting to leave like yesterday, but procrastination creeps in. Throws everything in her suitcase that she can carry, acting like a runaway, grasping shirts then hair spray. Seeing his face in her mind, quickly shaking it off as those thoughts are vivid snapshots. Her fancy veiled beanie fitted snuggly upon her head, leather jacket twirled over her shoulders….out the door she goes, letting go like dropping photos.

Kustom9’s January round is underway and there are oodles of sexy clothes to be had. When I walked into the doors of Kustom9 my eyes immediately saw that Tetra had new shoes out, I got pretty excited because I adore their creations! Tetra’s Suede Plexi Pumps paired well with Hilly Haalan’s Simone Dress, which for a pretty low price you not only get this unique and stylish dress, it comes with a hud allowing you choose from 30 different color variations. I love it when Designer’s have a hud for their fashions, that way you do not have to commit to one color, you can have them all! This Jersey Dress along with an array of other up to date fashions are available at the Tres Chic Event. I am also obsessed with Amitomo’s leather jackets which are also available at Kustom9. The over the shoulder leather jacket version, which comes with the knit dress, fits with many other shirts and dresses as you can see here! It also comes with a special animation that you add to your avatar. This animation will cause your hands to stay in place along side with your AO or current pose!

I  thought I would update everyone on the testimonials that the Firestorm Community Gateway Project had been gathering. This was in an effort to advertise Second Life and all of its many experiences. After Firestorm conducted some surveys from users they decided to do this advertising from a Real Life aspect, allowing people who see the advertisement to see Second Life from the perspective of how people (like you and I) really use it. This was such a wonderful idea and many people submitted their RL photos (which does not give away their SL names) and allows those not yet in the virtual world to grasp all that it has to offer. Firestorm put on an article on their website not long ago encouraging Second Life user’s to use the links and to copy/paste them into your RL social medias or simply load one of the pages on your computer for friends/family to see-Links Found Here. For example, if you have a friend who is totally into decorating and rearranging in their home, show them this link: Decorate Your Dream Home SL Ad. From Music to Socializing there is sure to be an experience for non-virtual world goers to get into!

  • Need To Update Your Pixel Closet? The Kustom9 & Tres Chic Events have what you need! Kustom9 Teleport Now & Tres Chic Teleport Now
  • Are You Using The Firestorm Viewer To Enhance Your Second Life Experience? If not, Click Here To Download Firestorm Today!

What Gia Is Wearing:

Mesh Head:
Genesis Lab-Emily RARE  TP

Mesh Body:
Maitreya-Lara  TP

Shi Hair-Street Chic @ Kustom9  NEW!

Amitomo-Leather Jacket (Part of Knit Dress Pack) @ Kustom9 NEW!

Hilly Haalan-Simone Dress @ Tres Chic NEW!

Tetra-Suede Plexi Pumps @ Kustom9  NEW!

Minimal-Charlotte Bracelet  TP

Bueno-Bag Tablet-Leather (Gacha) @ Kustom9  NEW!

An Lar Poses-Simpli Series II   TP

Photo Taken At:
Teleport Now



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