Our Higher Self….

ShinyShabbyDress_002_001-1Since late April, my life evolved in a way spiritually I never imagined. I have always been open to many things, but this time it was different….I lost someone very dear to me and realized how much I depended and looked up to this person. This lead me on a journey for quality research and education on the meaning of life, our paths in life and the whys. I came to realize how our egos drive how we are and while they can lead us to big things in life they can make people not the nicest or honest at times. We are in a time of such enlightenment! Open your eyes, open your soul and you too shall see what I am starting to see…..

As I entered the Shiny Shabby event, I headed straight to Peqe’s Shany Dress. It’s flowing look along with elegantly made mesh and well put texture made this a must for my inventory. Now I have Empyrean Forge’s Arcadia Necklace around my neck, with its peacock feather making its way between my breasts. This is such a beautiful piece, I want it in real life! This necklace is also available at Shiny Shabby and you can choose between a variety of metals to purchase. Regardless of the metal you choose, each comes with an 8 gemstone option. To see a closer image, click here.

I will leave you today with a bit of Gacha news. The Gacha Garden, one of the newest and hottest Gacha events on the Grid is now open! They have over 100 Creator’s that have graced their Fairy themed event with some fantastic prizes to be had. Be sure to check them out, they are open until the end of the month. The Gacha Garden is an event that only occurs every three months, so be sure to stock up!

    • Want What You See From The Shiny Shabby Event? There Is SO Much For You To Check Out! Teleport NOW
    • Need Your Gacha Fix? Head Over To One Of The Grid’s Newest Gacha Events, The Gacha Garden-Open Now! Teleport NOW
    • Want To Learn More About Enlightening Your Life? Check Out This Blog: http://www.channelingerik.com/


What Gia Is Wearing:

Genesis Lab-Emily Rare  TP

Maitreya-Lara  TP

Ikon-Deep Hazel  TP

Little Bones-Hexxed  TP

Peqe-Shany @ Shiny Shabby  NEW!

Empyrean Forge-Arcadia Necklace @ Shiny Shabby  NEW!

Bauhaus Movement-Stephanie @ Shiny Shabby  NEW!

Decor In Photo:
ARIA-Gretchen Blanket & Pillows Crate  TP
Garbaggio-Shoe Clutter Black (Gacha)  TP
Glam Affair-Embellished Dresser RARE @ Kustom9  NEW!
Glam Affair-Candles Holder @ Kustom9  NEW!
Glam Affair-Deer Photo Frame @ Kustom9  NEW!
Glam Affair-Chair Cocoa & Pepper @ Kustom9  NEW!
Glam Affair-Chair Smoked @ Kustom9  NEW!
Glam Affair-Ruffle Carpet @ Kustom9  NEW!
Glam Affair-Tomoto-Table Black
NOMAD-Amore Love letters  TP
*YS&YS* Wardrobe Table TP


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