Conjuring, an act often associated with an effect as if by magic. Conjuring idyllic images in our minds eye, scenes emerge graphic. The wind ripples through the open window with purpose, the pages of her book flutter, she turns to lay eyes on its open page. Her eyes glance down to reveal that the Elusive Enchantment Event’s doors have finally opened, revealing themselves to the realm.

Enchantment is finally here and it’s theme is, “The Last Unicorn”!!! A lot of my favorite designers are always featured at this event and they do not disappoint! A unique look is something I like to do and Azoury’s eccentric designs are always turning it up. I am wearing their Amalthea Mask and just love the detail that was put into it.
Looking down to her feet, twisting her ankles to show off her new pumps….
Bliensen+Maitai’s Monoceros Stilettos
are not only a high quality made shoe, but magical looking and made me feel so sexy once my feet slipped into them! So, I definitely recommend getting over to the Enchantment event as soon as you can, you have until March 5th, 2016.

Sprinkles Glitter Across Your Lap As You Read…..
Happy Shopping!

    • Teleport NOW To The Enchantment Event
    • Make Sure To Check Out Chloë-Dakota Rose’s Vlog HERE. She Did A Wonderful Vlog and Covered The Enchantment Event! 


What Gia Is Wearing:

Genesis Lab-Emily Emotions RARE  Teleport

Maitreya-Lara  Teleport

Truth Hair-Harmony  Teleport

Azoury-Amalthea Mask in Black @ Enchantment  NEW!

Erratic-Meg Leggings  Teleport

Bliensen+Maitai-Monoceros-Stilettos in Black @ Enchantment  NEW!

Bolson-Mr. Burton  Teleport

Empyrean Forge-Yang Earrings in Gold @ Enchantment  NEW!

Zenith-Vintage Leather Gloves in Black ((Gacha))  Teleport

Against The Wall {ATW}-Sketches- The Last @ Enchantment NEW!
Fiasco-Molly’s Room Skybox @ Enchantment  NEW!
[ keke ]-Book of Magic @ Shiny Shabby  NEW!

Icons Of Style-Hands & Feets Poses  Teleport


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