Amongst Us….


Walking tunnel vision in a daze, robotic even in their actions. Crossing paths and infectious glares, looking for that compassion. Foot to earth they find their place, mind peaceful and full of grace. -Gia

As many of you know one of my favorite events, Enchantment recently opened and they have SO many goodies! The Creator of Storybook made a really great Gacha called Harpy that I have featured in my photo. I just loved the detail, sexiness and quality from Storybook so much that I had to slip it on and snap some photos! To really add to the outfit, AiShA’s Armor Unicorn Legs went perfectly and tied the outfit together. Enchantment does have their grid wide hunt going on and Sorchiee sent out a group notice earlier today letting everyone know about some Hunt Tips. If you enjoy Second Life Hunts then you will definitely enjoy this one! Click Here for the Enchantment Hunt Info.

I hope everyone has a great day and happy shopping!


What Gia Is Wearing:

Genesis Lab  Teleport

Maitreya-Lara Mesh Body  Teleport

Olive-The Twirl Hair @ Enchantment   NEW!

Storybook-Harpy-Bindings RARE @ Enchantment   NEW!
Storybook-Harpy-Panty RARE @ Enchantment   NEW!
Storybook-Harpy-Wings in Gold @ Enchantment   NEW!
Storybook-Harpy-Wrist Guards in Gold @ Enchantment   NEW!

AiShA-Armor Unicorn Legs Gold/Black @ Enchantment   NEW!

Meva-Claws in Gold @ Enchantment   NEW!

Things-Aurya @ Enchantment   NEW!

Ravenghost-Medieval Canoe & Fishing Experience @ Enchantment   NEW!
[DDD] Dreamcatcher-02 @ Enchantment   NEW!
[DDD] Forest Away Sitting Stump @ Enchantment   NEW!

Elephant Poses-Part Of Your World Pack  Teleport



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