Flawed Diamond….


Nearly pure and hard around the edges, the image drawn from your throw away sketches. She is not your abrasive and will not be drilled, I think her fine crystal is finely tuned and skilled. Hardly a diamond in the rough, but flawed as we all are sure enough. -Gia

Whimsical! A great new event on the grid that I definitely recommend checking out when you get a chance. Caboodle has a beautiful dress that I am wearing in the photo and  is available in several colors. The dress is for standard sizing, but if you do not mind adjusting your body here and there, this dress is a must for your closet. I was happy to see that Azoury had a line of heels to pick up while I was there, so I picked up a pair of their Whim Shoes in black and white. I want to add that the Azoury pumps are discounted for this event only, so pick them up while you can, after they will go back to regular pricing. Speaking of discounted pricing, Stockholm&Lima has a really elegant lounge chair at Whimsical that I picked up at 50% off. Their furniture and animations are flawless and I love the quality. The Lounge comes with over 15 texture change colors for the cushion and 10 texture options for the trim, a really good value. To end it all up on this Friday evening, ChicChica had me clicking like crazy on her Gacha machine! I love her designs and the decor for this set has a very classy feel to it. It is available at the Whimsical Event now for play and you have a chance of getting gold or silver decor pieces.

Alright, time to head out and enjoy some Friday! Happy shopping & look below for links to teleport to events and stores.

    • Whimsical Is Open Until March 3, 2016 With Spectacular Items That Are Discounted, Gachas For You To Play & A Pretty Sim Teleport Now
    • Uber’s January Round Is Still Open. You Have Until February 23, 2016. To Catch The Uber Looks You See In This Photo Teleport Now
    • Enchantment’s ‘The Last Unicorn’ Event Is Open and Ready For You! Like Doing Hunts? Get In On Their Sim Wide Hunt! Teleport Now


What Gia Is Wearing: 

Genesis Lab  Teleport

Maitreya-Lara Mesh V3.5 New Upgrade Available!   Teleport

Little Bones-Grimes @ Uber NEW!

Caboodle-Wrapped Top in Black @ Whimsical NEW!
Caboodle-Wrapped Skirt in Black @ Whimsical NEW!

Azoury-Whim Shoes in Black & White @ Whimsical NEW!

Minimal-Stella Earrings in Gold @ Uber NEW!
Minimal-Bella Necklace in Gola @ Uber NEW!

Decor in Photo:
ChicChica-Nona Gold Screen@ Whimsical NEW!
ChicChica-Nona Bra Pink @ Whimsical NEW!
ChicChica-Nona Lamp Pink @ Whimsical NEW!
ChicChica-Nona Vase Black @ Whimsical NEW!
ChicChica-Nona Gold Table @ Whimsical NEW!
ChicChica-Nona Blue Vase @ Whimsical NEW!
ChicChica-Nona Tresure Plate Silver @ Whimsical NEW!
Concept-Jacob-Rug 04  Teleport
Stockholm&Lima-Lovers Lounge @ Whimsical NEW!
Tres Blah-Jolie-Golden Hand  Teleport
Tres Blah-Vanity-Platter of Treasures  Teleport

Bauhaus Movement-Fairy Tales  Teleport


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