Love Yourself….


Upon glimpse in the mirror, we all too often put limits on the amount of self love we give ourselves. Remembering multiple past wounds and seeing too many flaws is exactly what limits our ability to simply treasure ourselves. We all know Kanye has an ego the size of Earth itself, which is something we all have in us naturally as humans-ego that is (Maybe not as big as his!)! The key is obtaining self-love from a spiritual source from within yourself, that is the only way I can explain it. Remaining humble of coarse, once this is obtained, the love you have to give from this will also be endless.  Love Myself Tune!! ♥

Speaking of  L O V E! N21’s February round is still open and I loved so much of the décor and clothing this cycle. Kalopsia’s Effie Set was not only catching to my eye, but I loved the frame that you see in my photo. I do not know about you, but I am actually obsessed with writings in a frame and decorating with it! After snagging that up I headed over to Uber and did some epic shopping from their newly opened February round. Emery always impresses me with their realistic fashions and wonderful texturing of their clothing. Be sure to check the designer’s out at these events before they end. By the way, the stool with the cute throw blanket on it is a NEW item from Pillows, be sure to check out their mainstore for some really cute stuff!

I hope you all have a great Saturday night/Sunday morning. Happy Shopping and see you around!


What Gia Is Wearing:

Genesis Lab Mesh Head  Mainstore

Maitreya-Lara Mesh Body V3.5  Mainstore

.Entwined.-Alexis @ Shiny Shabby  NEW!

Emery-Hall Top in Tostado @ Uber  NEW!

Emery-Evan Lace Trim Shorts in Navy @ Uber  NEW!

Decor In Photo:
Kalopsia-Effie’s Photos Light @ N21  NEW!
Kalopsia-Effie’s Frame @ N21  NEW!
Kalopsia-Effie’s Candle @ N21  NEW!
Kalopsia-Effie’s Table @ N21  NEW!
Pillows-Bohemian Stool  Mainstore
Striped Mocha-Small Fairy Tree in Silver @ Whimsical  NEW!

Vanity Poses-Wall Poses  Marketplace


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