In My Dreams….


A mist fills the air, she makes her way through the mystique. Thorns upon her tender skin, she carefully places her hand upon cheek piercing the pad of her finger, feeling weak. A dove fluttering by, feathers falling as if like glitter. The vision begins to fade and becomes farther away, she wakes realizing it all a dream with much to consider.

With spring right around the corner, Collabor88’s theme this month is ‘The Secret Garden‘. The Designer’s of this event have made great items for you to lighten up your Second Life and ready yourself for the next seasons change. Erratic has come out with a new line of lingerie named, Eden. The detail and quality is outstanding as usual and I definitely recommend checking this new line out at this months C88. The beautiful plants that you see in the photo are from Apple Fall and are currently available at The Chapter Four Event. You can expect anything that comes out of Apple Fall to be full of Real Life looking texture and quality, these plants are already placed around my Pixel Home!

Also, I want to add that the ‘Stand for Hope’ team, a part of one of the Relay for Life teams in Second Life is currently running their events for the season. They have already raised over $750usd, which is collected and donated in an effort to help fight the world of Cancer. Anything you can do to contribute/support is wonderful and much appreciated by this organization! The website is included below as well as a landmark to their sim.

Hope Poster

Everyone enjoy your Saturday night and Sunday morning! ♥


What Gia Is Wearing:

Genesis Lab  Mainstore

Maitreya-Lara Mesh Body v3.5  Mainstore

D!va-Peony @ Collabor88  NEW

Erratic-Eden-Basque in Nude @ Collabor88  NEW
Erratic-Eden-Knickers in Nude @ Collabor88  NEW

LaGyo-Rose Headpiece in Pink @ Collabor88  NEW
LaGyo-Rose Mouth in Pink @ Collabor88  NEW
LaGyo-Thorns in Green @ Collabor88  NEW

Items in Scene:
{anc} NO LIMITS-Flying Dove.A [Soda-Blue]  Mainstore
Apple Fall-Hosta Potted Yellow Tip w White Flowers @ The Chapter Four NEW
Apple Fall-Hosta Potted Purple w Purple Flowers @ The Chapter Four NEW
Apple Fall-Hosta Mound Purple @ The Chapter Four NEW
MishMish-Spring Grass Yellow Flowers @ Collabor88  NEW


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