Safe Waters…..


The Summerfest ’16 Event will be opening June 18, 2016 and this is the event to go to for all of your Summer needs!

There are quite a few bathing suits that are featured from great Creator’s at Summerfest ’16, but first up is Zaara’s Noorie bathing suit that I decided to wear in a turquoise; Great textures and colors for you to choose from as always and it is made exclusively for the Maitreya Mesh Body.

Now, what is floating in the water without a beverage? Well, -RC- Cluster has us covered with drink rafts that will keep our cold ones conveniently afloat while we chill in the water. Look out though, because JIAN’s sharks are lurking and ready to take a bite of our pixels! All of these items, plus many more are waiting for you June 18, 2016 at the grand opening of this exclusive Summer Event! Keep an eye out for more great previews as we count down the days!

What Gia is Wearing:
Genesis Lab
Maitreya-Lara Mesh Body v3.5
Slink-AvEnhance Female Hands-Relaxed
Slink-AvEnhance Female Feet-Deluxe Pack
Exile-Soak Up The Sun @ Summerfest 16′  June 18th!
Bathing Suit:
Zaara-Noorie Bikini in Turqoise @ Summerfest 16′  June 18th!
Ear Feathers:
Zaara-Aletta Ear Wings in Tropical @ Summerfest 16′  June 18th!
JIAN-Beaded Shark Tooth Necklace @ Summerfest 16′  June 18th!
Izzie’s-Body & Face Sunscreen @ Summerfest 16′  June 18th!
Kirin Poses-Cool For the Summer-Colorful Stripes @ Summerfest 16′  June  18th!

Decor In Photo:
JIAN-Mako Shark @ Summerfest 16′   June 18th!
-RC- Drink Raft-Blue @ Summerfest 16′  June 18th!
Second Spaces-Vintage Bike Rentals Sign @ Summerfest 16′  June 18th!
Sequel-Beach Fence
[ zerkalo ] Fall in Love-Bicycle

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