Riding It…..

Riding It.....

Summerfest ’16 Event doors are finally open and there are many Summer Looks/Décor for you to get your pixel hands on…..

Tetra has a stylish and unique bathing suit at this round of Summerfest, it is available in several colors for you to pick from. Tetra’s Designer, NataPorolo does a great job creating clothing designs here in Secondlife™ that come alive with Real World textures and design concepts. I have always looked forward to Tetra releases and can not wait to see what else she has in store for us in the future! Check Out the Tetra Official Website and be sure to check out her new bathing suit at Summerfest ’16.

Summerfest '16 Poster - Official Line-up

Have fun shopping and remember to stay cool! ♥


What Gia Is Wearing:

Genesis Lab
Slink-Physique Mesh Body v2.9
Slink-AvEnhance Female Hands-Bag/Relaxed
Slink-AvEnhance Female Feet-Deluxe Pack
MINA Hair-Anais
Bathing Suit:
TETRA-Sharkini @ Summerfest ’16  Open Now!
Bauhaus Movement-Hilegarde Series-Rias

Decor In Photo:
BALACLAVA!! SUP Board-Lemon @ Summerfest ’16  Open Now!
BALACLAVA!! SUP Board Paddle-Turquoise @ Summerfest ’16  Open Now!

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