She looks up unto the sky, beating hearts flowing by…..

Summerfest ’16 is still underway and my Summer is getting off to a great start as First Life has me looking into new outlets for fun! As we near the end of June, the Summer Solstice has already presented herself and I found myself gazing up to the big, orange, hazy moon the other night. The sight of this Summer moon is one that I remember so vividly seeing for the first time as a child on a New Orleans Summer night. I rode my bike to meet my parents over at a family friends home for a big neighborhood party this night. I ran to my Mom to tell her of this HUGE moon and its color and she explained to me that the moon was not falling from the sky .

Ohhhhh the innocent days……
The days I cherish and some of the best times of my life. I hope you guys are making Summer memories as well and remember to get over to the Summerfest ’16, if you have not already, to get some Summer gear to brighten up your Pixel World.

..Happy Shopping My Friends..


What Gia Is Wearing:

Genesis Lab
Slink-Physique Mesh Body v2.9
Slink-AvEnhance Female Hands-Relaxed
Tank Top:
Paper.Arrow-Tank Bae @ Summerfest’16
Bathing Suit:
Paper.Arrow-Top Dots @ Summerfest’16
Paper.Arrow-Cheekies Dots @ Summerfest’16
PosESion-Paris 2

Decor In Photo:
{anc} NO LIMITS-Walking Dove-A [choco-brown]
{anc} NO LIMITS-fFlock of Doves [choco-brown]
Culprit-Duckee Bumper @ Summerfest’16
Culprit-Bumper Buoy Bloo @ Summerfest’16
Second Spaces-Vintage Parking Sign @ Summerfest’16

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