I Stand For Peace…..

I Stand For Peace.....

A Stand For Peace, an open challenge with the goal of standing up against mindless violence given to us by Goodcross, Curator of the The White Canvas Gallery in Second Life™. In an effort to spread the word in the form of art, GoodCross challenges us to use photography as a way to express our disdain and support against violence, to take a stand!

Goodcross asked me what this photo meant to me and it really made me think. It had several meanings for me, but there were two that stood out the most for me as an individual.

First, we can have a voice for people who have lost their lives through senseless violence. While only their imprint or reflection in this case, is left behind we can still stand up and raise the awareness against people/organizations using violence as a platform to have their voice or believes heard.

Second, the physical person is gone from their shoes while leaving their reflection behind. I believe that we all, regardless of what we stand for, only put out the reflection we want people/the world to see; This can be powerful as in this case, the projection is ‘Peace’. I am a firm believer that you put out into the universe what you want projected back.

I hope you all will take part in this collective challenge; We can stand together in an ever evolving world to help end moronic acts of violence.

With Love,
Gia Swizzle ♥  {Throws Up The Peace Sign With Her Fingers}


Visit The White Canvas Gallery in Second Life™  Here

Check Out The I Stand For Peace Gallery Flickr Here


Shoes In Photo:

Flite/Reign-Taylers in Olive/Camo





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