Poké Around…..

Poke Around....

So, I totally got caught up in the Pokémon Go! craze at the beginning of July and honestly? I like this app! I never got into Pokémon in the mid 90’s when it first came on the scene, I was more of a Legend of Zelda and Mario girl at the time. I will say though, I have explored more of my new city finding Pokémon then I did before this game and I am okay with that. I have yet to find a Pikachu and that makes me sad, but if any of my Reader’s have any tips on how to find my own Pikachu, let me know!
Whaaa? Pikachu has their own Wikipedia?! Wow…..

Astralia has a brand new Gacha set available at the Manga Fair that is Pokémon inspired and I am loving it! I have been wearing the outfit for a couple of days now and I paired them with Erratic’s Daria Pants which come with a hud to change the strip color on the pants. The tank top is from Blueberry and come in an array of colors, but I really liked the iridescent colors for this outfit.

In the photo I am wearing the pink Trainer pieces with the Ultra Rare bag. I love how it had a music inspired theme and well, it is cute! You can also get blue, red or yellow accessories to coordinate with whatever team or color you prefer. There are two other Rare bags that you can catch with this awesome Gacha; I really like the detail that Astralia put into all the pieces of this set. Can you catch them all?


Happy Shopping Everyone!! ♥


What Gia Is Wearing:

Mesh Body:
Maitreya Lara Mesh body v3.5
Slink-AvEnhance Casual Female Hands
Exile-You Send Me
Flite/Reign-Taylers in Cheetah/Pink
Blueberry-Lola Top-Holo Unicorn
Erratic-Daria Pants in Black
Pokemon Go! Inspired Outfit Details:
Astralia-The Perfect Trainer Belt in Pink @ Manga Fair
Astralia-The Perfect Trainer Radar Device in Pink @ Manga Fair
Astralia-The Perfect Trainer Visor in Pink @ Manga Fair
Astralia-The Perfect Trainer Cute Singer (Bag) Ultra Rare @ Manga Fair
Bauhaus Movement-Alis Volat Propriis

Decor In Photo:
Astralia-The Perfect Trainer-Simple Ball in Red @ Manga Fair
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story-Run Free (Gacha)
+Half-Deer+ Starglitter Tree in Pistachio Green
HPMD-Sweet Garden Grass02 in Ivory

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