A Japanese Snack….

A Japanese Snack....

The Bon Voyage event opened their doors August 7, 2016 taking us for a ride with a Japanese flair! The sim is beautifully decorated and there are an array of wonderfully charged Creator’s with quality products for you to check out this round!

CLAVv, Cosmic Dust, Genesis LabJunbug and Phedora are among some of the sponsored Designer’s at this fantastic new event. Speaking of CLAVv, its Founder Pierre (thepierrot), has fashioned a terrific Takoyaki themed food stall Gacha. This is a popular Japanese snack and from doing some research I have found that you can find many of these types of food stalls throughout Japan. Adorned with bright clean colors and yummy snacks, this set would be perfect for your virtual home, business or decoration on your sim!

The sexy kimono styled dress that I have on is part of B.C.C’s Gacha at Bon Voyage and there are several colors for you to attain. I happen to have the Ultra Rare Mini Yukata on and I simply love the colors of this piece, the craftsmanship of the mesh and the smoothness of the colors; That fantastic bow on the back I can not get enough of! Along with the Kimono inspired dresses, there are the Geta Shoes. It seems you do not have to wear your mesh feet; simply take them off or make them invisible (You are able to do this with Slink and Maitreya Huds, not sure about the other Mesh Body Huds) and add these shoes to yourself. There is resizing of the Geta Shoes by simply clicking on the shoe and selecting what percentage you want them, bigger or smaller-A wonderful look and a perfect addition to this outfit.

What is a Japanese style dress and food without some marvelous hair dresses?! ERSCH created a special Gacha with a lot of hair pins and hair décor to really help us tie together that Japanese inspired look; Each hair piece is clickable, enabling you to choose its metal and/or main color.

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Be sure to check out this special event before it ends September 7, 2016 and get all of the Japanese inspired goodies while they are here!

Happy Shopping ♥


What Gia Is Wearing:

Mesh Body:
Maitreya-Lara Mesh Body v3.5
Slink-AvEnhance Casual Female Hands
booN Hair-AAN330 Hair in Brown
B.C.C-HARUNA-Mini Yukata 1 Ultra Rare @ Bon Voyage
B.C.C-HARUNA-Geta Shoes 5 @ Bon Voyage
Hair Decoration:
ERSCH-Nihon Pin Ultra Rare @ Bon Voyage
ERSCH-Nihon Pin Ultra Rare v2 1 @ Bon Voyage
ERSCH-Nihon Comb 03 @ Bon Voyage
An Lar [Poses] The Infiniti Pack

Decor In Photo:
{anc} NO LIMITS // flying dove.A [soda-blue]
{anc} NO LIMITS // walking dove.A [ham-pink]
C L A Vv. Takoyaki Stall Rare @ Bon Voyage
C L A Vv. Takoyaki Ingredients Set @ Bon Voyage
C L A Vv. Tako Filter @ Bon Voyage
C L A Vv. Tako Sauce @ Bon Voyage
C L A Vv. Takoyaki @ Bon Voyage
C L A Vv. Takoyaki Paper Plates @ Bon Voyage
C L A Vv. Takoyaki Tool & Brush @ Bon Voyage
+Half-Deer+ Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cat)-Prosperity @ Bon Voyage
{vespertine} Harajuku Bench

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