My hands flow above me, as I twirl around with my goodies I have collected from my travels.
Sunlight dropping in, shining brightly within my room.
My suitcase with clothes strown about the couch, all unraveled.
I finally settle, a long day it was and realize it’s quiet as a tomb…..

Silence is golden to me these days and while I love all that I do there is so much noise and commotion that goes on around me daily. To be in my own space, to concentrate and do me is important and every evening I look forward to it. The thought of traveling to a far away country is something I have always wanted to do, which would broaden my horizons on other people and cultures. I have been thinking about that a lot lately especially with Bon Voyage’s recent event round, Japan. I actually almost moved to Japan due to work, but was able to slide out of it because of recently making a home purchase not long before the offer came around. I often think how it would have been and how things in my life may have been very different had the move to Japan gone through. All that aside, life happens in interesting ways and I can’t wait to see what else is in the books for me!

Make sure to check the links below and I wish you all a happy day/night where ever you are! ♥

  • Bon Voyage Ends September 7, 2016. If You Like Japan And Want Some Wonderfully Made Japanese Inspired Items, Get Over to The Event before It Ends….
  • Enchantment Is Lighting Up This Round With Wizard Of Oz As the Theme, This Round Ends August 31, 2016…..
  • Shiny Shabby Has Opened Their Doors For Their August Round, Running Until September 15, 2016, There Are A Lot Of Great Items For You To Check Out….


What Gia Is Wearing:
Mesh Body:
Genesis Lab Mesh Head
Maitreya-Lara Mesh Body v3.5
Olive-The Jade Hair @ Bon Voyage
Blueberry-Lola Top-Holo Unicorn
Bishes, Inc. Princess Skirt in Pink
Fri.Day-Keiko Platforms in Candy @ Bon Voyage
Fri.Day-Keiko Socks Add-On @ Bon Voyage
Ninety-Cat Popsicle in White @ Bon Voyage
An Lar Poses-Simpli Series II-One

Decor In Photo:
[atooly.home] Tea Time in Purple @ Bon Voyage
BIGBULLY-City Map Prints-Tokyo, Japan
ChiMia-Japan Poster [Mountains] @ Bon Voyage
ChiMia-Japan Poster [Sakura] @ Bon Voyage
Kenvie-Kawaii Backpack Cloud (Wearable)
Serenity Style-New Air Chair @ Shiny Shabby
Toiz-Pink Lady Go To Tokyo Building RARE @ Bon Voyage
Toiz-Sofa @ Bon Voyage
Toiz-Passport @ Bon Voyage
Toiz-Pinklady’s Suitcase @ Bon Voyage
Toiz-Tokyo Subway Map @ Bon Voyage
Toiz-Pinklady’s Diary @ Bon Voyage
Toiz-Pink Bento @ Bon Voyage
Toiz-Calendar @ Bon Voyage
22769 [bauwerk] Bonsai Tree


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