Wait For Me….


The Treehouse....The Arcade’s September round begins in just a several hours guys! This is one of my favorite Gacha events on the grid and this round has so many of the great styles and items that we look forward to every three months……

Astralia is one of Arcade’s Sponsors and her Gacha is a colorful yet playful set called, “Don’t Grow Up”. Complete with a chance to win the Rare Tree House or the Rare Pond with Animated Water, it is a wonderful set for us tree house lovers and something unique/well-made to put within our home area.

Keep in mind that many of the Designer’s at the event will be participating in the Exclusive Prize Program. What this means is, if you play the Participant’s Gacha machine 25 times, on play 25 you receive the Exclusive Reward from that particular Designer.These exclusive prizes will retire after the event and no longer be available.

Wait For Me....

Astralia’s Exclusive Reward is the Hot Air Balloon that has some animations and also comes in three colors with the ropes being removable. I had a lot of fun doing photos with these hot air balloons and they make for great decor with animations otherwise.

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If you are a veteran of the busy grand opening events here in Second Life™, particularly The Arcade, then you know that you may not get in right away and the wait could be a while. No worries though! The Arcade does have their Gallery area that you can try to teleport into as well as a new third area to help getting into the event an easier process.
You can always get yourself a handy Teleport Hud, which you can easily find one on the Marketplace or teleport into the Bella Gacha sim and pick one of theirs up. You simply drop your Landmark into the Hud and follow any other directions it may have then turn it on and it will automatically try to TP you to your chosen destination! Lastly, you if have not already, I would take a look at some of the machine changes that the Arcade has made for this round. For more info on this and the player rewards system check out their website HERE to read more.

Alright guys, happy shopping and be sure to log into SL with your virtual purses on hand! ..The Arcade begins promptly at 12 AM slt and will be open for all of September..


First Photo:

What Gia Is Wearing:
Mesh Body:
Maitreya-Lara v3.5
Genesis Lab Mesh Head
Stories&Co-Sofia Dress in Copper @Collabor88
Fri.Day-Dusty Sandals in Wheat

Pose With Camera Prop:
Fashiowl Poses-World Traveler 3 (Gacha)

Decor In The Photo:

Astralia-Don’t grow up (tree house) RARE
Astralia-Don’t grow up (pond) RARE
Astralia-Don’t grow up (hot balloon)-Special Prize @The Arcade
Astralia-Don’t grow up (bench) natural animated @The Arcade
Astralia-Don’t grow up (hanging tire) purple @The Arcade
Astralia-Don’t grow up (raft) stripes @The Arcade
Astralia-Don’t grow up (raft) floral @The Arcade
Astralia-Don’t grow up (hanging fort) pink @The Arcade
Astralia-Don’t grow up (decorative lights) yellow @The Arcade
Astralia-Don’t grow up (watermill) natural @The Arcade
Astralia-Don’t grow up (flags) pink @The Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Chihuahua-Beachballin’
Tres Blah-Pampered-Mag and Berries


Second Photo:

What Gia Is Wearing:

Maitreya-Lara v3.5
Slink-AvEnhance Female Hands In Casual
Exile-Memory Bliss
(fd) Lace Crop in White @Uber
(fd) Corset Shorts in Navy @Uber
Hoorenbeek-All Stars in Black
Bauhaus Movement-Infinity


Decor in Photo:

{anc} Forget-Swallow In Natural Black
{anc} Forget-Swallow In Maron Brown
{anc} No Limits-Flock Of Flying Doves In Soda Blue
Astralia-Don’t Grow Up-Hot Balloon-Yellow-Special Prize @The Arcade 
Astralia-Don’t Grow Up-Hot Balloon-Pink-Special Prize @The Arcade
Astralia-Don’t Grow Up-Hot Balloon-Blue-Special Prize @The Arcade

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