Enchantment Presents: The Yellow Brick Road

Enchantment  Presents The Yellow Brick Road

The Enchantment Event is FINALLY upon us once again and I am excited about this round! Not only is this round of Enchantment an anniversary round, the theme is The Wizard of Oz and there are many Designer’s at this event providing us with quality outfits, jewelry and so much more! Continue reading

Poké Around…..

Poke Around....

So, I totally got caught up in the Pokémon Go! craze at the beginning of July and honestly? I like this app! I never got into Pokémon in the mid 90’s when it first came on the scene, I was more of a Legend of Zelda and Mario girl at the time. I will say though, I have explored more of my new city finding Pokémon then I did before this game and I am okay with that. I have yet to find a Pikachu and that makes me sad, but if any of my Reader’s have any tips on how to find my own Pikachu, let me know!
Whaaa? Pikachu has their own Wikipedia?! Wow….. Continue reading