Your Prison….


Your prison, unable to penetrate
The desire to become your cellmate….
I’ll be your criminal as long as you are my alibi
Looking unto the sky….
Freedom rings they say
Each day becoming such a cliché
Eyes now close….
Clinching from you, my lethal dose

What Gia is Wearing:
Genesis Lab Mesh Head
Maitreya-Lara v3.5
Exile-Say It
M.BIRDIE-Military Look.Basic-T8 (Past Arcade Gacha)
M.BIRDIE-Military Look.Pants3 (Past Arcade Gacha)
::ROC:: Erica Boot
Prodigy Ink-Snowdon
[ kunst ] Long Cig Holder [plain] (mouth) RARE
Diesel Works-Modeling Chair
Decor in Photo:
[235] Gray Gloomy Room RARE
[235] Gray Gloomy Poster B
[235] Gray Gloomy Camp Bed-Orange
[235] Gray Gloomy Poster A
[Toiz] Broken Tv
[Toiz] Sad Diary
[Toiz] Papercup Cigarette

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