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I have always loved the art of Ballet and the history behind it. Although formalized in France, it is now a worldwide activity that many take part in. A series of slow, graceful exercises that are part of the practice to help generate fluidity and balance which are a corner-stone to the art of Ballet…..

When I found out that Astralia was working on her Fame set for The Crossroads, I was excited because only days before it was decided that my Toddler Daughter would be a Ballerina for Halloween this year. With the excitement of purchasing authentic Ballerina accessorizes, in an effort to bring about her natural aptitude to dance in and of itself, I here in Second Life™ had SO much fun dressing my Gia in her Ballet gear and shooting some photos.

Astralia and Dead Dollz teamed up for this round of The Crossroads and in turn presented us with amazing Ballet themed décor and clothing. The Fame collection is one that I will cherish and is also a must have for lovers of the art of Ballet and Dance. I love Dead Dollz sporty-like take of the Ballet attire, which made me envision myself with headphones on, a great beat in my ear and just letting go-spinning around the room. As I was trying on all of my new gear and laying out the décor pieces, I realized, “Wait! Dead Dollz rolled out a previous Ballet themed clothing line earlier this year!”
So, you know I had to get that out and capture that in a photo for you all along with SLink’s wonderful Margot Ballet Slippers. The Leotard and Ballet skirt come in several colors and were part of a Gacha that I am sure may be available at the Dead Dollz Main Store. SLink’s Margot Ballet Slippers are available at their Main Store and work with SLink’s AvEnhance Female Feet, which came out earlier this year.


The weekend is nearly here, yet again and I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week…..

Click Here For the Photos In HQ via Flickr ♥


Photo 1:

What Gia Is Wearing:
Mesh Head:
Genesis Lab-Emily
Mesh Body:
Maitreya-Lara v3.5
Ballet Outfit:
Dead Dollz-Fame Sweater in Black @ The Crossroads
Dead Dollz-Fame Legwarmers in Nude @ The Crossroads
David Heather-Headphones
Diesel Works-Ballerina 15
Decor In Photo:
Astralia-Fame Dancers Wall Decors @ The Crossroads
Astralia-Fame Animated Poses Dance Bar @ The Crossroads
Astralia-Fame Pile of Mats @ The Crossroads
Astralia-Fame Customizable Pictures Board @ The Crossroads
Astralia-Fame Clothes Hanger @ The Crossroads
Astralia-Fame Skybox Gym RARE @ The Crossroads
Zenith-Summer Yoga Bag (Wearable) RARE
Photo 2:
What Gia Is Wearing:
Mesh Head:
Genesis Lab-Emily
Mesh Body:
Maitreya-Lara v3.5
Ballet Outfit:
Dead Dollz-Ballet Leotard in Nude (Previous Gacha)
Dead Dollz-Ballet Skirt in Nude (Previous Gacha)
Panty Hose:
Izzie’s-Sheer Tights
SLink-Margot Ballet Slippers in Pink
Diesel Works-Ballerina 4
Decor In Photo:
Astralia-Fame Skybox Gym RARE @ The Crossroads
Astralia-Fame Curtains @ The Crossroads
Astralia-Fame Vintage Speakers @ The Crossroads
Tres Blah-Salad Days-Record Player (Black)

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