Elfish At The Labyrinth…..


A brand new event is on the horizon and you all are in for a treat! The event is called “The Labyrinth” and will be opening its doors to the public October 8, 2016. The awesome Divine Paine is bringing The Labyrinth alive for us all and is well known for her designing skills for The Enchantment and The Secret Affair Event Sims. I am excited and happy for Divine’s new event venture and I am sure you all will be delighted…..

So, I bet you are wondering what the theme is for The Labyrinth Event? The theme will always consist of fantasy, magical, sparkly stuff, elaborate, flowing, dreamy and woodsy items/clothing. Some movies that come to mind when you think of The Labyrinth Event are: “Into the Woods”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Pans Labyrinth” and of course, “Labyrinth”.
If you are into any of these things/subjects, this is the event for you. Whether you are into roleplaying, casual environments or anything of the 100’s of experiences one can get into in Second Life™, check out the event October 8, 2016. Until then, feel free to check out their website here and get to know the team; You can also check out their Flickr page and plan your shopping trip.

::Una:: has a really cool Gacha butterfly release that I thought looked unique. The butterflies are all wearable and come in a series of colors as well; These butterfly dressings make for great photos if you are into SL photography. ::Una::’s Tree Magic Cane, I thought was really neat and the textures on them are excellent.; I set my cane out as décor for the photo, but it is wearable and preset to attach on your back.

Now, what’s a Labyrinth event without elves? Well, .:Soul:. has you covered with their Uni Ears with an easy to use Hud to change its appearance and color variations. The directions are easy and you are directed to their official website for easy to follow instructions, if you feel you need them. To tie the look all together I chose Les Encantades’ Blanca dress and felt elegantly divine in it! There are several colors to choose from and they are available in fit mesh and standard sizing, which if you have a mesh body, should be an easy fit. I had to use my Maitreya hud several times to alpha parts of my body out, but that is not abnormal for me to do and I didn’t mind it at all.


I think that about covers it and we all hope that you will check out this unique and amazing event once it opens. ♥




What Gia Is Wearing:
Mesh Head:
Genesis Lab-Emily
Mesh Body:
Maitreya-Lara v3.5
SLink-AvEnhance Casual Female Hands
.:Soul:. Uni Ears-Royal Elf @ The Labyrinth  Now open
Les Encantades-Blanca in Aqua @ The Labyrinth  Now open
Pekka (Now Kibitz)-Aida Headdress in Gold
Ear Cuff:
Glam Affair-Penelope Earcuff in Gold
MINIMAL-Herrera Necklace in Gold
Hand Jewelry:
Aisling-Tortuga Princess Hand
Aisling-Tortuga Princess Rings
An Lar [Poses] the Zara Series @ The Crossroads
Decor In Photo:
*~ by Nacht~ The Secret Garden @ The Labyrinth  Now open
DRD-MS-Spell Supply-Divider One @ Momento Mori
DRD-MS-Spell Supply-Display One @ Momento Mori
+Half-Deer+ Raven-Black Glitter-Up @ Salem Macabre Market
::Una:: Tree Magic Cane Green Blue (Wearable) @ The Labyrinth  Now open
::Una:: Butterfly Fly Effect 1 @ The Labyrinth  Now open

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