My Under Water….


The Labyrinth event is finally open and the sim is beautiful! You will venture through a labyrinth-like area as you wander about to capture what each Designer has brought to the event. When you get a chance go on over and check out this amazingly well done themed event area….

So, today I thought I would showcase Snowpaws Coralie Mini Mermaid Avatar that is their featured original mesh item at The Labyrinth. Although the face hasn’t any actual facial features, the details on the avatar are quite nice and gave off an artistic feeling. The Mermaid Avatar is available in 5 different colors and if you plan on wearing this there are several Animation Overrides that you can purchase to complete the feel of this look.

Mushilu has their Ruins Wall décor for sale at The Labyrinth and whether you use it for your photo taking hobbies or setting up a home/sim area, you are assured great quality in the mesh and texturing of these pieces. Then to tie it together, I really liked Artisan Fantasy’s Maiden Tor Pedestal with Gazing Ball. When you purchase the collection you get several options such as: the gazing ball with or without the light shimmering off of it, a fountain-type area with gazing ball with in or one that includes a wall and is animated. Very cool stuff that comes from this awesome Designer and worth the look when you check out the event.

Until next time everyone…..

♥ Gia


What Gia Is Wearing:

Snowpaws-Coralie Mini Mermaid Avatar in Blue Beta @ The Labyrinth
Head Accessory:
Cubic Cherry-Siren Sky Head Gear
CerberusXing [CX]-Tidal Trident in Silver
[Black Tulip] The Dance Of The Mermaid #4


Decor In Photo:
Artisan Fantasy-Maiden Tor Pedestal 2 Gazing Ball & Beams @ The Labyrinth
{ L o v e f o x } Dry Kelp; Single
Mushilu-Ruin Circle .Ivy. @ The Labyrinth
Mushilu-Ruins Wall @ The Labyrinth
Plastik-The Ursula Sea Decor (All Shells Are From This Set)

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