Cocoa & Dreams…..


So, there is an event going on called #Unitedandkind. This event is a nonprofit event organized by Octagons Yazimoto and Skye Everidge. All proceeds accrued from the fundraiser will be equally split amongst the following four organizations: Color of Change, Planned Parenthood, Naseeha and The Trevor Project. 100% of the money sales will go directly to these organizations and once completed, will be posted publicly for transparency. Want a way to give back? This is definitely one way of doing it to help out your community in and around the world……

Serenity Style is participating in the #Unitedandkind event and has several items for you to check out, including this cute bench that Lu and I are sitting on. You have until December 11, 2016 to teleport over to this event sim and see all that the Designer’s have to offer-Remember that your purchases will go 100% toward the cause of the mentioned above organizations.

Also, lets not forget to get warm and cozy with Astralia and Beusy’s collaborative Beanie, Scarf and Mittens! This Gacha has really cute items to help get us in the wintery spirit and look good while doing it. The Beanie comes with hair attached, in a low shoulder pigtail style, which I simply adore. This style along with the Ear Muff Style are both Rare’s in the Gacha and come with a nice color change Hud for the hair and accessory. Really cool collaboration with Astralia and Beusy, so be sure to check it out at the Kustom9 Event before the round ends December 10, 2016!


Until next time, happy shopping and stay warm! ♥

What Gia Is Wearing:
Mesh Body:
Genesis Lab-Emily
Maitreya-Lara v3.5
Mandala-Steking Ears-Season 5
Beusy x Astralia-Estelle Hair & Beanie RARE @ Kustom9
Beusy x Astralia-Eco-Fur Neck Scarf in Black @ Kustom9
Beusy x Astralia-Eco-Fur Gloves in Black @ Kustom9
FashionNatic-Natassa Jacket
Addams-Real Worn Out Jeans in Dark Blue
Beusy x Astralia-Chocolate Mug (Xmas) @ Kustom9
Del May-Need Socks (Arms Slightly Adjusted Using Animare)
What Lu Is Wearing:
Mesh Body:
Genesis Lab-Amber 2.0
Maitreya-Lara v3.5
KITJA-Pia Jacket in Black
Maitreya-Footless Tights in Coal
Beusy x Astralia-Eco-Fur Gloves in Pink @ Kustom9
Beusy x Astralia-Eco-Fur Neck Scarf in Pink @ Kustom9
Nose Ring:
MONS-Nose Jewels (Style4) in Gold
Zenith-Rain Boots With Socks in Black (Gacha)
{Imeka} Sits 04
Decor In Photo:
Artisan Fantasy-Christmas Gift Box 1
Artisan Fantasy-Christmas Gift Box 5
BIGBULLY-Grid Pavilion @ Draftsman *Ends December 17, 2016*
HIDEKI-Winter Tree
Serenity Style-Give A Gift With Love Special
Serenity Style-Give A Gift Cute Foxy Pack
Serenity Style-Give A Gift Cute Chipmunk Pack
Serenity Style-Give A Gift Tool Box RARE
Serenity Style-Give A Gift Paper Rolls RARE
Serenity Style-Wooden Swing Bench @ #Unitedandkind

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