Femme Noir….


A cold and crisp night, all dressed up, a champagne in her hand
The gentleman begins to light the fire in an effort to ensure she is warm
He attempts to lift his head to catch a glimpse of this woman in his midst
Only to realize she has taken notice……

A delicate smile and a warming thank you she gives as the room starts to heat up
He replies with a thoughtful nod as he motions for her to come near
Her stole slips from her right shoulder, she looks down
He immediately motions for her to leave it behind…..
Stepping closer, she ends with her body slightly against his
Her arms comfortably setting upon his shoulders
He leans in, his lips carelessly push against hers…..
Her champagne still in the clutches of her hand, she presses her body closer to his
A night surely to remember, yet never to forget….

[A Mini Short Story By Gia Swizzle]


What Gia Is Wearing:
Entwined-Poppy @ FaMESHed
Petite Mort-Noir Monroe Dress @ The Frozzen Fair
Petite Mort-Fox Fur Stole @ The Frozzen Fair
Essenz-Cordoba @ FaMESHed
Kibitz-Marcia Necklace in Gold
Kibitz-Apocalypse Cuff Bracelets in Gold
An Lar Poses-The Yala Series @ The Winter Solstice

Decor In Photo:
Apple Fall-Period Fireplace
[ARIA] Gretchen Peonies in a Vase RARE
[ARIA] Gretchen Floor Lamp RARE
[ARIA] Nikka Leather Sofa
{ATW} Bayou Cabin
Fancy Decor-Suede Ottoman @ The Arcade
Fancy Decor-Worlidge Box (White) @ The Arcade
Fancy Decor-Worlidge Box (Black) @ The Arcade
Fancy Decor-Panel Mirror @ The Arcade
Fancy Decor-Throw Pillow @ The Arcade
Fancy Decor-Brass & Statuette @ The Arcade
MINIMAL-Elite Handbag Black (Wearable)
Stockholm&Lima-Strawberries and Champagne Tray


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