Not Ready…..


To all my Hunt loving friends, there is a wonderful Hunt Event called The Women Only Hunt brought to you by Flair for Events. This is a Hud based Hunt and there are over 5o participating stores for you to teleport into using this easy to use Hud system……

You can pick your official WOH Hud at the Flair For Events Office here, just walk right into the office and buy the Hud for free. Once the Hud is on your screen, start by clicking on the first store, which is American Bazaar, the map screen will appear. Simply click the Teleport Button and once you are at store location you will be trying to find a snowflake, which is pictured on your handy Hud. Hints as to where to find the snowflake will show in your Local Chat once you click on the corresponding store on your Hud to Teleport to. This Hud will allow you to easily glide from store to store collecting your Snowflakes and getting your Hunt prizes that you are sure to love.


Petite Mort has a really nice dress that you can collect as one of the WOH Hunt Prizes, which I have on in my photo above. This Periwinkle Monroe Sequin Dress has a wonderful texture and has a wintery mystique to it that I like. I actually tried on several fur coats on with this dress that look quite nice, like the Fur Coat from Birdy that was at the September 2016 round of The Arcade; Give it a try, see how you like it!

For more information about the Women Only Hunt, feel free to check out their official website for more information. I also recommend joining their inworld group, that way you can chat with others while doing the Hunts and trade hints.

In hair news, enVOGUE has a beautiful long haired-parted hairstyle that I just love! The texturing is, as always, excellent and the quality meets my high standards! Be sure to Teleport on over to the Mainstore and try on the Demo, I think you will be very happy with the results!

Good Luck to everyone if you participate in the Hunt, enjoy all of the wonderful prizes! ♥


What Gia Is Wearing
enVOGUE-Janelle NEW @ Mainstore
Petite Mort-Periwinkle Monroe Sequin Dress EXCLUSIVE @ The Womens Only Hunt
Kibitz-Quartz and pearl Necklace in Gold
An Lar Poses-The Yala Series @ Winter Solstice Event NEW

Decor In Photo
Cosmic Dust-Lovely Hairbrush in Purple
David Heather-Makeup Valet RARE
Le Primitif-Office Desk
Le Primitif-Standing Designer Shelf RARE
Little Bones-Heat Tools
Tres Blah-Eclectic Collection-Brushes
Tres Blah-Eclectic Collection-Makeup Bag
Tres Blah-Jolie-Makeup Clutter


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