Dare To Dream…


School is back in for many of our children after the long Holiday season…..

I have to admit, I am a bit relieved to have school back in session for my little girl! She is only 2 1/2 years old, but I love her preschool and everything they do to keep her busy the days she is there! Also, it gives me some much needed free time and a chance to get tasks done that otherwise would take much longer to do.

When I saw that CMYK did a school themed Gacha for The Project Se7en, I thought it would make for a cool photo to do. The Rare pull is the Classroom and of coarse is made very well and the mesh is textured wonderfully. Check out this Gacha when you get a chance, you have until the end of this month!


Also available at The Project Se7en is MOMOCHUU’s Rare Rosemary Cape Outfit and Shoes. The unique quality of this cape outfit are the mesh hands that are nicely set on the outfit and I really liked this! All you have to do is go to your Mesh Body Hud and set your arms and hands (May have to detach your hands) to invisible; The Outfit and Shoes are made to fit either the Maitreya or SLink Hourglass Bodies. Be sure to check out this brand at TP7 Event when you get a chance and her Flickr to see all that she has to offer.


Thank You TonTon! ♥

Happy Shopping Everyone! ♥

What Gia Is Wearing
Pink Hustler-8164 @ The Project Se7en  New!
MOMOCHUU-Rosemary Cape Outfit Rare @ The Project Se7en  New!
MOMOCHUU-Rosemary Sneakers Rare @ The Project Se7en  New!
Fishy Strawberry-Feline Glasses

What Nicki Is Wearing
Little Miss-Casual Boots
Click-First Day

What TonTon Is Wearing
Maple-Prepster Outfit
*Made My TonTon*

Decor In Photo
CMYK-Happy Ending Class RARE @ The Project Se7en New!
CMYK-Blackboard @ The Project Se7en New!
CMYK-School Desk Set @ The Project Se7en New!
CMYK-School Desk Set @ The Project Se7en New!
CMYK-Bowl (Bucket) @ The Project Se7en New!
Cosmic Dust-The MaxBook Computer-Gold RARE
Cosmic Dust-The MaxBook Computer-Silver RARE
Cosmic Dust-Composition Notebook (Wearable)
Cosmic Dust-Paper Airplane
Fancy Decor-Worlidge Table Lamp
*Paper Moon*-Language of Flowers-Adoration-Owls
[P] Pillows-Wall Hook
[P] Pillows-NT-Toys
[P] Pillows-Trash-Can
Tres Blah-French School Chair
Tres Blah-Workspace-Pencil Holder
=Zenith= Back to School Bag (Wearable)





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