The Epiphany will be opening its doors January 15, 2017 and there a ton of great brands that will be revealing their items at this round. One of which is Astralia and her Gacha this round is the beautiful Sheila Collection

There are three metals that you can win from Astralia’s Sheila Collection, which are Black, Gold and Silver. You are able to change the gem color for the common items with an easy to use Hud and with the win of the Rare Sheila Wings, you will receive the Hud to change the metal for those. The texture on these mesh accessories are divine and I expect nothing less from Astralia! Be sure to check out these items once The Epiphany opens, I will update this blog post with the teleport links upon its opening.

I finally invested in two Bento Mesh Heads and the wait was worth it! I wanted to hold out until I had the time to sit and play with the Demos and find Skins for the heads. I ended up getting LeLutka’s Simone and Catwa’s Catya Bento Mesh compatible Head. Other then the clear price difference because of the extra accessories/expressions that you can purchase for the Catwa Mesh Head, was that when I use the close eye function with eyelashes on (This is with Catwa’s Catya Head), they do not fold correctly against the face once in the closed position. I didn’t see any updates to this or anything in the notecard regarding this. If any of you have any suggestions or fixes for this, please message and update me inworld! I plan on wearing Catwa’s Catya Head with my chosen skin as my main look and I really do adore the look and feel of this product other than the eyelash issue.

Enjoy your Saturday! ♥

The Epiphany Is Now Open! Teleport Now!

Click Here For How-To-Play @ The Epiphany


What Gia Is Wearing:
The Skinnery-Elongated Puki Ears
Truth-Satyra 2
FDD Stories-Little Mermaid Fitted Corset  UltraRare

Sheila Wings  RARE @ The Epipahny
Sheila Headpiece in Black @ The Epipahny
Sheila Cuffs in Black @ The Epipahny
Sheila Wings Anklet in Black @ The Epipahny

Decor In Photo:
{anc} Looking-Glass {Magic Mirror} Heaven  Rare

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