Cosmic Dust’s Epiphany Event collection is adorable and a must have for all that have been in or are in a long distance relationship!

I will admit that I have had what I call “SLove” in my Second Life, but nothing that I would necessarily cross over to my RL. Cosmic Dust’s collaboration with Peaches, demonstrates perfectly what it is like to be in a long distance relationship. This ALSO illustrates how it is to have your loved one in the military or being away for work, which I have had to endure many times! You will see this Gacha, including their Exclusive Event item, the Lovely Calendar only at The Epiphany!


The Epiphany Event is now open! Teleport Now

Click Here For How-To-Play @ The Epiphany

What Gia Is Wearing:
Monso-My Off Shoulder Shirt
Paper Arrow Co.-Yoga Pants RARE
Vale Koer-Lumbertrail Boots

Decor In Photo:
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-Cuddly Pillow Set RARE New @ The Epiphany 
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-Trendy Laptop RARE New @ The Epiphany
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-To See Him Jar New @ The Epiphany
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-Open When You Miss Me New @ The Epiphany
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-Trendy Cellphone-Décor New @ The Epiphany
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-Lovely Calendar-Exclusive @ The Epiphany 
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-Notification Frame New @ The Epiphany
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-One Way Ticket Frame New @ The Epiphany
David Heather-Frange Bag/Blood (Wearable)
Jian-Puff Pups-Sleepy Puff RARE
Serenity Style-Johnny Corners Desk RARE
Tres Blah-Eclectic Collection-Golden Arrow
Tres Blah-Golden Cage-Iced Coffee
Tres Blah-Workspace – Pencil Holder
Trompe Loeil-Ashdon Couch
Zerkalo-Family Dining Chair

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