No Less…


The Seasons Story is back and there is a certain wintery flair in the air. Essenz is bringing us some quality knee high boots with plenty of color options to choose from…

I know I do not wear a lot of the bright colors, but how can you go wrong with black? A sleek and sexy look is what I like to go for and with these New York boots from Essenz? Just Perfect. You can see this New York Series at The Seasons Story until January 31, 2017 along with many other accessories to coordinate with these delicious boots.

Many of you have already been to The Epiphany and there are sooooo many great items to get our hands on! CandyDoll is premiering two sets and in this photo I have her Mary Collection Ruffle Panties and Tank on.  These pieces are available in many colors and a collection sure to be a winner in any crowd!

Remember to check out The Epiphany’s How-To-Play, to be sure you understand how the Gacha system works, it is a really neat concept! Click Here For Instructions

I hope you all have a great day and happy shopping! ♥

What Gia Is Wearing
CandyDoll-Mary Collection Ears @ The Epiphany New!
CandyDoll-Mary Collection Tank @ The Epiphany New!
CandyDoll-Mary Collection Ruffle Panty @ The Epiphany New!
Essenz-New York @ The Seasons Story New!
Del May-Lounge (Slightly Adjusted)

Decor In Photo
Aria-Sunday Morning Decorative Throw Pillows
Aisling-DIY Love Potion-Ritual Roses
Aisling-DIY Love Potion-Rose
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-Stargazing Bottle @ The Epiphany New!
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-Love You Scattered Tiles @ The Epiphany New!
Cosmic Dust-Cutesie Phone Typer in Mint Confetti
Dust Bunny-Darling Sectional Cushion
+Half-Deer+ Messy Blanket/Rug
Nomad-Amore Love letters

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