Pour It Up…


The Ultra Event is open and there are many fashionable styles for you to lay your eyes on, one of which is N-Uno’s Luiza outfit…

Fashion forward and always thinking outside of the box is what comes to mind when I think of N-Uno and I just love the way N-Uno’s jeans fit on me, making my hips and thighs look so full and sexy. Be sure to check out this Luiza outfit that I am wearing at the Ultra Event before it ends on February 15, 2017…

Happy Shopping Everyone!

What Gia Is Wearing
N-Uno-Luiza Top @ Ultra Event New!
N-Uno-Luiza Jeans @ Ultra Event New!
Fishy Strawberry-Feline Glasses
Kunst-Short Cigarette Holder
Le Primitif-Athena Bracelet & Watch @ Kustom9 New!
An Lar Poses-The Marta Series @ The Seasons Story New!

Decor In Photo
Fancy Decor-Milneaux Table
Fancy Decor-Milneaux Chair
Fancy Decor-Geosculpture (Gold)
Fancy Decor-Geosculpture (Silver)
HIDEKI-Apartment Plant
[ keke ] Tea Cup-Hell
[ keke ] Tea Pot-Licorice
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cart Shelf
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stack of Art Books

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