It’s a relaxing Sunday for me and I felt like playing with some of Keke’s pretty items…

Keke has some new releases at her Mainstore and I thought I would showcase some of her other items before I got creative with her new Winter Screens. If you enjoy decorating your pixel home or need items for your photos, I would definitely check out her Marketplace and/or Mainstore when you get a chance….

And! Guess what?! Truth has a new hairstyle at his Mainstore! I am wearing the New-Do in my photo and I’m loving it because it is that kind of messy yet cute look that I love. You also have the option to add hair wisps to the back for added detail as well….

I am off to take care of some RL stuffs and hope you all enjoy your day/evening! ♥

What Gia Is Wearing
Truth-Miriam @ Mainstore (New)
Body Suit:
CandyDoll-Mary Jumper @ The Epiphany (New)
CandyDoll-Mary Socks (Rare) @ The Epiphany (New)
Tres Blah-Jolie-Handheld Mirror (Decor)
An Lar Poses-The Opaque Series @ ROMP (New)

Decor In Photo
Cosmic Dust/Peaches-Forever & Always Frame @ The Epiphany (New)
Keke-‘So Vain’ Mirror-Painted Vanilla
Keke-Tin Box Side Table
Keke-Ice Bowl with Sparkling
Keke-Ancient Ink with Magnolia
Tres Blah-Eclectic Collection-Brassiere
Tres Blah-Eclectic Collection-Makeup Bag
Tres Blah-Eclectic Collection-Perfume
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tin Tea Box with Roses

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