Deal With It…


Until February 5, 2017, the Tres Chic event is taking us to Paris, France where we can get lost in the air of love and romance….

N-Uno has a classy skirt and jacket set that is in a Gacha theme this round. You have a chance to win the Ultra-Rare Fatpack, which comes with all of the Fatpacks available for this set! At only L$88 a play, this is a wonderful deal and can make for a unique outfit; I chose to wear just the bra and skirt for a sexy-punk look. Teleport on over to the Tres Chic event to check out this classy/well-made set.

As soon as I saw Astralia’s Michelle Set, I immediately thought, Poker! I immediately envisioned myself wearing this while playing many of the fun games that we have in SL. I love the look of the Michelle Sunshade Visor and Earrings, which has a unique look that will set you apart from another’s style. The Sunshade Visor has a color change Hud and the Earrings are available in matching colors. You can find this collection at the brand new sim of Nº21, along with many other great Designer’s until February 12, 2017.

enVOGUE’s new Jacquelyn hair style was a great fit with this outfit. The textures on  enVOGUE’s hair styles are always on point and this particular style is sexy and stunning, definitely worth trying on at the enVOGUE Mainstore.

In décor news, BIGBULLY has his Victorian Wireframe set available now at the Draftsman event. I absolutely adore this Victorian/Steampunk inspired set and the mirror is one of my favorite pieces in this collection. Black, copper, gold and silver are the color options that you have available to choose from and this collection is a great fit for almost any style and can fit in an outdoor or indoor setting. Well made and excellent 100% original meshed items are something I always strive to obtain in Second Life and BIGBULLY definitely meets these qualifications. You can see this set in person at Draftsman until February 17, 2017!

Alright everyone! Happy shopping and enjoy your Sunday and start of the new week! ♥


What Gia Is Wearing
enVOGUE-Jacquelyn @ Mainstore (New)
N-Uno-Helena Bra @ Tres Chic (New)
N-Uno-Helena Skirt @ Tres Chic (New)
Astralia-Michelle Sunshade @ N°21 (New)
Astralia-Michelle Earrings @ N°21 (New)
Kibitz-Marcia Necklace
Zenith-Criminal Police Gloves
An Lar Poses-The Rory Series @ The Liaison Collaborative (New)

Decor In Photo
Apple Fall-Fleur Sideboard
ARIA-Willa potted Aspidistra Plant
BIGBULLY-Victorian Wireframe Lamp in Gold @ Draftsman (New)
BIGBULLY-Victorian Wireframe Side Table in Gold @ Draftsman (New)
BIGBULLY-Victorian Wireframe Chair in Gold @ Draftsman (New)
BIGBULLY-Victorian Wireframe Mirror in Gold @ Draftsman (New)
Second Spaces-Poker Set (RARE)
Second Spaces-Game of War
Sorgo-Euros Counter
Sorgo-Euros Stack 200e
Sorgo-Folded Stack 100e
Sorgo-Folded Stack 20e
Sorgo-Passports Pile B
Ten Thousand & Co.-Dope Neon Sign
Bazar-Toronto-Green Grass Plant

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