The Getaway…



Shiny Shabby has opened their first round of 2017 and there are many Designer’s to check out, including Serenity Style and her Endless Love collection…

Serenity Style’s Endless Love collection is a Shiny Shabby exclusive and is a Gacha that is only L$70 per play. The collection had a getaway feel to it, leaving me to yearn for a bit of a getaway in my real life! When I was setting up this particular photo, I set it up with a bed and breakfast feel in mind. It has been several years since I have visited a bed and breakfast and this instantly brought me back to the one I stayed at in historic Natchitoches, Louisiana named Judge Porter House Bed & Breakfast. This is the same area that one of my favorite movies, “Steel Magnolias” was filmed and an area filled with tons of history and beauty. Sighs…. I really need to getaway! There is nothing like getting away from all of the hustle and bustle and getting back to square one, right?

You will have the opportunity to check out this quaint Serenity Style Gacha until February 15, 2017 only at the Shiny Shabby event.


One more thing! Serenity Style has a really cute Crossbody purse Gacha that is at the OMG! event until January 26, 2017. I love a good crossbody purse in real life and thought this look was really cute! For only L$60 per play, with a chance to win one of the 2 rares or the ultra rare version, it is a really good deal and they all make for a cute/realistic look!

Happy Shopping!

What Gia is Wearing
Truth-Miriam @ Mainstore (New)
Milk Motion-Souvenirs Jacket @ N21 (New)
Emery-Mid Rise Skinny Jeans Kooks
Reign/Flite-Duckboots @ N21 (New)
Fishy Strawberry-Feline Glasses
An Lar Poses-The illa Series

Serenity Style-Nancy Bag @ OMG! (New)

Decor in Photo
ARIA-Sunday Morning Newspaper
Black Bantam-Sitting Dalmatian Puppy @ N21 (New)
HAIKEI-Classic Rug 2
N4RS-MOTTA Retro Lamp
Serenity Style-Endless Love Pavilion RARE @ Shiny Shabby (New)
Serenity Style-Endless Love Vase @ Shiny Shabby (New)
Serenity Style-Endless Love Picture Frames @ Shiny Shabby (New)
Serenity Style-Endless Love Cushions Chair @ Shiny Shabby (New)
Serenity Style-Endless Love Wallart @ Shiny Shabby (New)
Serenity Style-Endless Love Bed @ Shiny Shabby (New)
Serenity Style-Endless Love Blind B @ Shiny Shabby (New)
Serenity Style-New Air Tray
Serenity Style-Indiana Harvest Stool Decor
Serenity Style-Pile of Books
Serenity Style-Pile of Blankets
Tres Blah-Golden Cage-Coffee Run

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