Omg at Tetra’s new hairstyle! I am loving the natural look of it, plus the texturing that she did on it. The color system on the hairstyle is on point and my favorite is this Blonde and Brown two-toned look…

On top of the hairs that Tetra has been coming out with, she has her new Air Sneakers that are out now at the Kustom9 event and the look of these kicks brings me back to my grade school days when the Reebok Classics were the style (Gotta love the 90’s). So, if you like this Sneaker style, try them on at K9 and the new Tetra Hair that is named Banana, can be found now at the new round of Uber.

One more thing before I let you go! If you are into Tattoos, I want to recommend Speakeasy. I wanted to find an arm tattoo without the all over body look that many tattoo artists are doing these days. Well, not only did I find a really nice arm tat, it is in color and looks realistic! I like the fade toward the top of the arm and the wonderful work that was put into this tattoo art (Found it on their Marketplace). You can spot Speakeasy at several events around the grid, plus they have their Marketplace and Mainstore you can check out.

Alright guys, enjoy your day/evening and happy shopping! ♥


What Gia is Wearing
Tetra-Banana @ Uber (New)
Tetra-Sporty Bra
Villena-Distressed Skinny Jeans
Tetra-Air Sneakers @ K9 (New)
Cosmic Dust-Cutesie Phone (Wearable Typer)
Fishy Strawberry-Feline Glasses
Kibitz-illumini Rings
Luxe-Vio Bar Ring
Luxe-Geometric Ring
Nail Polish:
Lemondrop-24 Nail Colors
Speakeasy-Bloom Tattoo
Bauhaus Movement-Mikoto-Hildegarde Female Poses Pack

Decor in Photo
ARIA-Sunday Morning Potted Palm
ARIA-Sunday Morning Weathered File Cabinet
ARIA-Sunday Morning Decorative Throw Pillows
Cosmic Dust-Cosmic Cola
Dust Bunny-Darling Sectional Cushion(s)
Fawny-My Little Puppy
Serenity Style-Popcorn Bag

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