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The culture of Second Life has evolved in so many ways, but it is always a comforting feeling to see some of the pioneers of Second Life fashion still around. One particular Designer stands out for me and that is Apple May. I have been in Second Life collectively for over nine years and since my entrance into this Virtual World, I can remember shopping at Apple May Designs….

Apple May Designs has many faithful followers and one of those people is myself. I guarantee you that if I were to talk to a friend from the days gone by, even if they haven’t been in SL for some time, they would recall Apple May Designs! These days we are now familiar with the Mesh Designs, thank the SL Gods. I remember being in awe with the mesh dress designs that Apple May would come out with, yet thankful that she took on the Mesh culture, where many Creator’s did not at this time. Mesh has offered a more realistic look for ourselves here in the Virtual World, along with the newest edition of the Bento System.

Apple May really does have some realistic fashions that she designs and brings onto the grid for us all to purchase and wear. From sexy looks to shoes, she seems to do it all and I can not wait to see what she does next.

As for my recent Apple May fashion look? I am in her recent design called “Suit up” and I think the look is absolutely unique and sexy! Along with her “Suit Up” Heels that you can pair with the outfit, I just love the texturing and how I feel while wearing these pieces. I really wanted to do a longer necklace to really accent the outfit, but I am obsessed with Kibitz’s Inspiration Necklace that I got a couple of months ago and enjoy wearing it.

You can find this Apple May outfit at the winter round of The Season’s Story until January 31, 2017.

Happy Shopping! ♥

What Gia is Wearing
Apple May-Suit Up @ The Seasons Story (New)
Apple May-Suit Up Heels @ The Seasons Story (New)
Kibitz-Inspiration Necklace
Le Primitif-The Minimalist Bracelet @K9 (New)
Le Primitif-Pyramid Bracelet @ K9 (New)
Mutresse-Mona Bag

Decor in Photo
Birdy-Boudoir-Mannequin 2
RAMA-#selfie RAMA TF Store RARE @ The Guardians (New)
What Next-‘Black’ Monaco Scooter
*YS&YS* Memories Plant 03

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