There is a gown currently at the Uber event that SCREAMS couture and is made by the brand, United Colors. This gown spoke to me and I really wanted to feature it on my blog so that any of you that like unique fashions or are simply looking for a garment outside of the trends, could seek this piece out…

United Colors is known for 100% Original Creations and unique fashions. You will find this Brand at many events around the grid and there are a bunch of great fashions at the United Colors Mainstore.

When you get a chance, check out this fantastic Corina Gown at the new round of Uber and do not be afraid to do different types of shoes with it! I really liked my Reign Rome Lace Up Heels with this look, but there are a ton of great high fashion shoes at the United Colors Mainstore. Have fun dressing this look up!

Have a fantastic day, the weekend is almost upon us! ♥


What Gia is Wearing
United Colors-Corina Gown @ Uber (New)
Reign-Rome Lace Up Heels

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