Moonlit Night…


For all of you sexy kittens here in Second Life I have a really juicy store for you to check out!

If you have not heard of Bishes Inc. as of yet, I want to provide you with some information about this brand. This is a new brand and the clothing is made with a lot of sexy flair. There are a ton of erotic clothing and sexy garments, like the crop top shirt from Bishes, Inc. I am featuring in my photo. Although this shirt is rather reserved the back of the top has a beautiful crisscross pattern that you will adore. All of the garments are of excellent mesh quality and the texturing on each piece is very well done!  If you are in the market for frilly panties, sexy shorts/skirts, accessories or heels, I urge you to check out their Inworld Mainstore and/or Marketplace.

I’m not feeling too well and have come down with my first cold of 2017. I will be back in the days that follow with more Fashion and Event updates!

Happy Shopping ♥

What Gia is Wearing
Mandala-Steking Ears-Season 5
Bishes Inc.-Laced Jumper @ Mainstore (New)
Reign-Unicorn Slippers
Kibitz-Misti Rings
Le Primitif-Skylar Watch
The Pose Shop-Window Seat (Pose Slightly Adjusted)

Decor in Photo
Serenity Style-Endless Love Blind @ Shiny Shabby (New)
Tres Blah-Spring Living-Radio
Tres Blah-Workspace-Computer
Tres Blah-Workspace-And Files

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