Crafting A Heart…


Valentines Day is right around the corner and Pillows is rolling out some really great V-Day style items for us…

This Romantic V-Day gacha set by Pillows is available now at The Gacha Garden and is full of very pretty pink items that are all 100% original mesh. I decided to set the items up in a scene where it looks like I have been crafting and making things, since I do LOVE to craft in my real life. I absolutely love the canopy that is made to go over the Rare Heart Bed or could be put else where depending on the design you are going for. This beautiful lacey canopy is a Seed of Inspiration piece. You must play the Pillows gacha machine a certain amount of times, then you will receive this exclusive item; You can refer to my previous post here to ensure you know all about this gacha event and how it works!

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In other news, the Fetish Fair will be opening their doors on Feburary 3, 2017 and Bishes, Inc. will have their Rope Heels available with 15 color options and I do really like the quality and the colors for these. A unique look and you can dress them up or down, in my opinion. Be sure to check out all that Bishes, Inc. has to accessorize with these sexy heels at their mainstore!

Are you in the market for a new skin applier for your Catwa bento head? YS&YS has a brand new skin applier at the Shiny Shabby event and I really love the eyebrows on this particular style. This applier is called Victoria and is specifically made for the Catwa Bento Mesh head. I have shaped my own head previously, so this applier will look different on you or even better! Be sure to try it out before this round of Shiny Shabby ends on February 15, 2017.

Happy Shopping!

What Gia is Wearing
YS&YS-Victoria Applier For Catwa @ Shiny Shabby (New)
Mandala-Steking Ears-Season 5
Truth-Satyra 2
Blueberry-Moon-Tucked in Shirt
N-Uno-Luiza Jeans
Bishes, Inc.-Rope Heel @ Fetish Fair (New) (Opens Feb. 3, 2017)
Junbug-Dreamer’s Necklace

Décor in Photo
ETHEREAL-Floor Pillow-Creme/Cadet Blue (Can’t Find A LM or MP)
Fawny-My Little Puppy-13
[P] Pillows-Romantic V-Day-Canopy (Seed Of Inspiration) @ The Gacha Garden (New)
[P] Pillows-Romantic V-Day-Heart Bed (RARE) @ The Gacha Garden (New)
[P] Pillows-Romantic V-Day-Ceiling Heart Decor @ The Gacha Garden (New)
[P] Pillows-Romantic V-Day-Rug @ The Gacha Garden (New)
[P] Pillows-Romantic V-Day-Chain Hearts @ The Gacha Garden (New)
[P] Pillows-Romantic V-Day-Vase @ The Gacha Garden (New)
[P] Pillows-Romantic V-Day-Sparkles @ The Gacha Garden (New)
[P] Pillows-RP Ribbon Box
[P] Pillows-BCC-Divider
[P] Pillows-BCC-Table
[P] Pillows-Spring in Bloom-Rose Pot
Second Spaces-Craft Room-Crafts on the Go Blue (RARE)
Zenith-Vintage Frames
8f8-Our Secret Hideout-Arts ‘n’ Crafts

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