symmetryFetish Fair time!

The Fetish Fair 2017 is finally open and there are SO many kinky yet passionately made items to be had this year! Today I am wearing Apple May’s Strapped Lingerie pieces and I love the sexiness of this outfit! This 100% original mesh outfit can be found at the Fetish Fair until February 17, 2017. You can also pick up the add-on Hud to have all of the fabric, leather and metal colors for this set.

The Crossroads event is open for their February 2017 round and as always, it is filled with exceptional Designer’s to satisfy many tastes. You will find 6 sections, that all have their own themes. The themes you are able to explore at this event are: Apocalypse, Contemporary, Cute, Lust, Roleplay and Vintage. This month at The Crossroads you will find Ilaya’s new tattoo, that you see pictured in my photo above. This tattoo is available in Black, Yellow and White and I really like that painted on tattoo look, which this reminds me of. Also at this event, you will find that An Lar Poses is premiering their Constantine Series pose set, which I absolutely adore. Lifelike and smooth transitioning poses are what I most like from this pose brand, as well as the excellent price points!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and Happy Shopping! ♥

What Gia is Wearing
Apple May-Strapped Bra @ Fetish Fair (New)
Apple May-Strapped Panty @ Fetish Fair (New)
Apple May-Strapped Harness @ Fetish Fair (New)
[ILAYA] Contemporary Tattoo @ The Crossroads (New)
An Lar Poses-The Constantine Series @ The Crossroads (New)

Decor in Photo
Pure Poison-Poetry Frame (Gacha From Arcade’s 2015 December Round)
Theosophy-Cheriton Side Table
Tres Blah-Jolie-Lotions
Tres Blah-Jolie-Chic Perfume
Tres Blah-Jolie-Vintage Bottle
Tres Blah-Jolie-Round Bottle
Tres Blah-Jolie-Makeup Clutter

4 thoughts on “Symmetry…

  1. Oh, yeah, I like to leave a reply. This is why I love photography and art… It inspires me to wonder and get lost in thought… Muses, all muses leading me into places forbidden…

    We hide our darkest side,
    our darkest dreams,
    our darkest wishes,
    our darkness.

    So we ask,
    What is dark,
    what is white,
    what is good,
    what is bad.

    Everything has been established by man
    from within it came.
    All is what it is, nor good or bad.
    Is it hard to understand?
    is it hard to realize, this is
    what makes us who we are.

    Are we human beings?
    are we more than we are taught to believe.

    We are more,
    more than what a mind can conceive.
    It is what it is.

    Nigri Draókos

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