I finally have a morning where I can sit down without distraction and get some things done, including my favorite hobby, SL Blogging!

I love being able to sit in my own space, cozy and without bother so that I can delve into my digital creativity. I got to thinking not long ago how Second Life has literally been with me through many different transitions in my life. I started SL as a young twenty something woman, who was working and independent-To a transition where I decided to go back to school, breakups with men (RL of Coarse), new jobs, etc.-To now, in my 30’s and being a Mom of a beautiful, full of life little girl. I always say that Second Life has a culture in and of itself and this has been a huge part of my life now that I sit down and think about it! I think about how much Second Life has changed and transitioned, yet I have ALSO grown and changed along with this platform in ways that I never imagined nearly 10 years ago. Second Life, whether it was meant to or not, means so much to me. I didn’t mean for it to become that way, I am also not sure why it feels that way to me. This could be the case because of the people I have met and the experiences I have had being within this virtual world of many opportunities. For me, I do not Play Second Life, I live my Second life. It is an extension of myself that I cherish and hold dear, as I hold close the many interactions I have had with people from around the world. There are so many things I could say, but without becoming too wordy, I digress. As I have said before, Second Life in many ways has been a savior for me and I really do enjoy my free time in this wonderful interactive community. What does Second Life mean to you?

So! What does the majority of the Second Life population enjoy doing while inworld? Shopping! It is amazing, over the years the fashions from clothing to décor that Designer’s have brought to life inworld for us all to partake in. For the past couple of years, events showcasing themes and designs have been very popular; Lets not forget to show some love to the Designer’s Mainstores and check out their past creations and wonderful environments they create for us. With that said though, several of my favorite events are open for their new rounds and have some really nice items for us to add to our virtual closets! Be sure to check out the links below.

Aleutia is one of the new kids on the block and they are coming out with new pieces left and right and showing their stuff at several events around the grid. The Kiki Top that I am wearing in the photo above is a really pretty example of one of their releases, which you can find now at the Fetish Fair. This is an exclusive top for this event and features a leather-like material that is available in 30 shades and two lace color options; The fit is exclusive to the Maitreya Mesh Body and is priced at only 250L$. Remember that the 2017 Fetish Fair is only open until February 17, 2017, so hurry in to check out this exclusive look among many others!

As Always, Happy Shopping ♥

What Gia is Wearing
Truth-Lisette @ Uber (New)
Aleutia-Kiki Top @ Fetish Fair (New)
CandyDoll-Mary Collection Ruffle Panty @ The Epiphany (New) (Open until 2/15)
Kibitz-Quartz and Pearls Necklace in Gold
Aisling-DIY Love Potion-Rose (Decor) (Part Of A Gacha)
An Lar Poses-The Flutter Series @ SaNaRae (New) (Open Until 2/18)

Decor in Photo
Serenity Style-Vintage Games Wallart (RARE) @ The Crossroads (New)

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