Enchantment Presents: Cinderella


The Enchantment event is finally upon us and opening their doors February 11, 2017!

Cinderella is the theme and when I was a little girl, I LOVED this fairy tale. From the Disney version to the version I knew growing up, called “The Little Glass Slipper”, this folktale is full of lessons. For me it acknowledged that despite any wrong doing to you, if you just keep your head up high and find the good in even the little things around you, the universe can send you rewards. In Cinderella’s case, the Fairy God Mother came to her rescue and granted a wish. What I liked about Cinderella was that she seemed to expect nothing and remained so modest and nurturing. These are virtues that I truly admire in people, especially when they do not let ego get in the way.

With all that said, this Enchantment event I am super excited about and I want to get you excited too! I am wearing Broken Style’s beautiful Baby Blue gown which is a rare in her Cinderella Gacha collection. There is also a beautiful dark blue rare version that you can win, but my eyes were immediately drawn to this color as it reminded my of the gown she wore to the ball at the castle.

Evolove has their Cinderella Carriage that will be available at the event and not only is it a beautiful décor piece it also comes complete with 20 animations if you would like to take photos with it. Evolove’s items are 100% original mesh and textured beautifully, I urge you to check their mainstore out as well!

Alright! I will update this post once Enchantment officially opens. you will love the event sim setup and I hope that you enjoy all of these magical items!


What Gia is Wearing
Tukinowaguma-Saarto with Tiara @ Enchantment (Opens Feb 11)
Broken Style-Cinderella Prince in Baby Blue @ Enchantment (Opens Feb 11)
Junbug-Letter G Necklace
An Lar Poses-The Rella Series @ Enchantment (Opens Feb 11)

Decor in Photo
Air-Cinderella Clock @ Enchantment (Opens Feb 11)
{anc} NoLimits-Stairs for Sunlight
Dysfunctionality-New Pumpkin Garden Plot
[evolove] Cinderella Carriage @ Enchantment (Opens Feb 11)
Fiasco-Majesty Palace Entrance @ Enchantment (Opens Feb 11)
Fiasco-Majesty Palace Wall @ Enchantment (Opens Feb 11)
Noble Creations-Dream Street Lamp
Sweet Lies-Cinderella Mouse @ Enchantment (Opens Feb 11)

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