90’s Child…


Born in the early 80’s and raised in the 90’s was my life and I truly do miss those days….

I loved my side ponytails when I was a kid and when I saw Wasabi Pills’ Sheryl Hairstyle at the Rewind event, I had to grab it up. All of the neon colors were a popular style in the early to mid 90’s and I definitely had my share of those colors in those days! The jelly shoes, jelly bracelets, sticker earrings, the trolls with the colorful hair-omg I could go on-and does anyone remember the Lisa Frank stickers and stationery sets?! Sighs…those were the days! I still remember our Christmas in the early to mid 90’s when we FINALLY got the Nintendo game console. I got into it hardcore along with my Mom and we would stay up playing Mario Brothers and other games that we would rent from the local video store. Later on came the Super Mario Brothers 3 and Zelda-Oh my god, the Zelda games, remember it came as a gold cartridge? Talk about some late nights with that game and I still love the whole Zelda series to this day!

Cosmic Dust is premiering his Katelyn Outfit at the Rewind event and this look has that late 90’s feel to it and I think it is so cute! There are 5 jean shorts colors and the shirt hud is included with each shorts purchase. If you purchase the FatPack though, you get the Exclusive Jean Shorts with Patches! Patches were HUGE in the mid to late 90’s, we put them on jeans, our book bags, hung them on our walls, in our lockers…basically anywhere we could find! Be sure to check out this adorable outfit when you get a chance, the Rewind event is open until February 28, 2017.

With all of this nostalgic talk and items, it has left me missing my childhood! So, as I type this I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy shopping!

::Gets Back To Her 2017 Life::


What Gia is Wearing
Wasabi Pills-Sheryl @ Rewind (New)
Cosmic Dust-The Katelyn Outfit (FatPack Exclusive Shorts) @ Rewind (New)
Kibitz-Jelly Bangles @ Rewind (New)
Luas-Heart Sunglasses @ Rewind (New)
Luas-Virtual Pet Game @ Rewind (New)
Nail Polish:
Lemondrop-24 Nail Colors
An Lar Poses-The Simpli Series

Decor in the Photo
DISORDERLY.-Flashback/Discman/Silver @ Rewind (New)
NOMAD-Retro Gamer Desk @ Rewind (New)
PILOT-Inflatable Chair @ Rewind (New)
Plastik-Pergs (Rare) @ Rewind (New)
Plastik-Trollies-Moon @ Rewind (New)
Plastik-Trollies-Star @ Rewind (New)
RC Cluster-Teen Bop Posters – The Sugar Girls @ Rewind (New)
Sway’s [Cassette Tape] Wall Art-Nerd (Rare) @ Rewind (New)

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