Happy Valentine’s Day…


Hello beautiful people! Valentine’s Day is upon us and although this is a day that is known to emphasize love, remember that everyday you should not only show love to people you care about/human kind-you should remember to love yourself most importantly!

Today I want to take the time to remind everyone to love themselves. I know this can be hard, but it starts within each one of us, right? Look into a mirror today and look at yourself as if looking unto another and say, “I love you.” or even a “You complete me…”

How can we be in healthy relationships, friendships and partnerships without loving ourselves first? So, take today to show yourself some attention and treat yourself to tender, love and care ♥

If you are looking for some really cute Valentine’s Day décor or something to surprise someone with in Second Life, look no further! Pillow’s has a REALLY cute Valentine’s Day Gacha at the SaNaRae event with a ton of Vday type items to dress your environment up with!


I hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening/day and happy shopping! ♥



What Gia is Wearing
Pr!tty-Cindy @ Enchantment (New)
United Colors-Simone Dress @ The Liaison Collaborative (New)
Essenz-Paris @ Mainstore (New)
PetroFF-Sunn Bracelets
An Lar Poses-The LouLou Series @ The Liaison Collaborative (New)

Decor in Photo
Apt B-Douze Roses Cabinet (RARE) (Apt B Store Closed Inworld)
Apt B-Douze Roses-Wood Cabinet
Apt B-Douze Roses-Basket Pillows
Apt B-Douze Roses-Ladder
[ kunst ] Rustic Candle Holder
[P] Pillows-V-Day Gift: I Love You (RARE) @ SaNaRae (New)
[P] Pillows-V-Day Gift: Son @ SaNaRae (New)
[P] Pillows-V-Day Gift: Uncle @ SaNaRae (New)
[P] Pillows-V-Day Gift: Wife @ SaNaRae (New)
Zenith-Vintage Leather Trunk (RARE)
Zerkalo-Moscow Nights-Table
Zerkalo-Moscow Nights-Stool
Zerkalo-Moscow Nights-Frame 2

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