Got A Quarter?


Do you ever sit back and think about the common everyday things that are now a thing of the past? For instance, a pay phone! Always having a quarter on hand was important in my younger days, because what if you were out and needed to make an emergency call? I can think of several other items we no longer use, but this one got me thinking the other day as I saw a VERY old pay phone stand with a decommissioned phone still inside. How will the next 20 years prove to elevate itself and make this current generation feel in its advancement?

United Colors has a sexy outfit out now at the Kustom9 event called Sima and I like the symmetry and hems on this garment. The outfit is compatible with Belleza, Freja, Isis, Maitreya, SLink Hourglass and Original mesh bodies. Each single pack comes with 3 skirt color options and the FatPack is of coarse, a all in one Hud with the 9 top colors and 27 skirt colors. Below you can see the different color options for the top and the skirt, I do really like the striped options, but I didn’t use that option for this particular photo. So, be sure to try on the Demo, I think you will really like this outfit!


So, I thought that Tetra’s new Lace-Up Suede Heels went perfectly with this skirt outfit and I used the FatPack Exclusive color to coordinate. An up close examination of these beautiful pumps reveal how detailed the suede texture is on these and I absolutely adore them! You can find these 100% original mesh Suede Heels at the Kustom9 event now through March 10, 2017.

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!


What Gia is Wearing
United Colors-Sima Dress @ Kustom9 (New)
Tetra-Lace-Up Suede Heels @ Kustom9 (New)
Speakeasy-Bloom Tattoo
ieQED-Fifi Pearl Necklace
Kunst-Cigarette #1 [Hand] (A Gacha)
An Lar Poses-The Rory Series

Decor in Photo
HIDEKI-Bar Table
HIDEKI-Small Bar Stool
MadPea-Bow Bells Boozer Bitter Bottle
MadPea-Bow Bells Boozer Pale Ale Bottle
MadPea-Bow Bells Boozer Beer Tankard
MadPea-Bow Bells Boozer Beer Mats
Plastik-Lore Bag [Decor] Gunmetal

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