Beauty Is…


Beauty Is….
The taste of her skin
The mind within…
Her eyes look into his
Allowing him to break-in
Falling into her…
She is the beauty, full of sin.

CandyDoll has some beautifully made mesh items at several events around the grid and I am wearing her Cheryl Top, which is out now at the N21 event. I accented this look with her Juliet Boots which are currently available at the Enchantment Event, which has extended their event until March 4, 2017! Be sure to check these items out and try on the demos, you will be delighted at the nice fit upon your mesh body and with all of the beautiful color options that CandyDoll has to offer.
Happy Saturday and Happy Shopping! ♥

What Gia is Wearing
CandyDoll-Cheryl Top @ N21 (New)
CandyDoll-Juliet Boots @ Enchantment (New)
Kibitz-Melanie Necklace @ Kustom9 (New)
La Baguette-Rest’n G.Sits

Decor in Photo
Apple Fall-Pearl Chest of Drawers
Apple Fall-Glass Bubble Lamp
Apple Fall-Scented Candle (Jasmine)
Apple Fall-Lustful Lilacs
Apple Fall-Beauty Is…
Apple Fall-Reading Pile
Kalopsia-New Royals Couch in White
Serenity Style-Pile of Books
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Leather Ottoman White

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