Safety First…


It’s the beginning of the month and there are soooo many new items that are up for grabs at many of the events around the grid! I was looking forward to Uber’s new round because of their brand new look and I like a bit of change, especially with Spring right around the corner…

Truth Hair has a playful yet casual hair style called Kyoko this month at the Uber event, which comes with an optional mesh mask to accessorize with. I really dug the options for the masks and went with the kitty face look on mine. To add to the casual and playful look of myself, United Colors’ Keiko outfit really set this look up for me! This fashionably-casual outfit is available in 7 colors and is made to fit the Belleza, Freja, Isis, Maitreya Mesh bodies-along with the original mesh bodies. Be sure to try this on when you head over to the Uber event, if you haven’t already.

I have a lot to catch up on since this past week was a busy holiday week for me. Be sure to check back through out the next several days for more updates on the styles I have from some great Designer’s and Events that are currently going on!

As always, happy shopping! ♥


What Gia is Wearing
Truth-Kyoko @ Uber (New)
Truth-Kyoko Mask (Comes With HairStyle) @ Uber (New)
United Colors-Keiko Tshirt @ Uber (New)
United Colors-Keiko Trousers @ Uber (New)
United Colors-Keiko Wristlets @ Uber (New)
An Lar Poses-The LouLou Series

Decor in Photo:
BUENO-Bike-Silver @ The Arcade (New)
NOMAD-Empty Stall B @ The Arcade (New)
NOMAD-Portable Power Generator @ The Arcade (New)
Second Spaces-Vintage Bike Rental Sign
Second Spaces-Vintage Souvenirs Sign
Soy-Abandoned Memorys-Bicycle @ The Arcade (New)
Soy-Abandoned Memorys-Bus Stop Sign @ The Arcade (New)
Tentacio-Cash register
8f8-Indoor DIY Spring Tree Tin
8f8-Indoor DIY Spring Solo Tin

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