Get To Know Gia

In Second Life I am known as Gia and I came to this virtual world many years ago by advice from a real life friend. I had a love for The Sims and decorating, so why not try doing this on a live grid with others walking around with me? While Second Life can be a glorified chat room, it is more than that for me.

As far as my love of taking photos in Second Life, that started roughly in 2014 after I stumbled across the world of Gacha’s. I admired the uniqueness of the Designer’s items and liked the fact that not everyone would have the same item depending on its rarity. With this discovery, I decided to showcase my unique finds through SL Photography. I came across a very kind and creative woman named, Meeka Sihtu who gave me an opportunity to blog on I learned so much about the SL blogging world while working with this brand and almost a year after I started, I decided to move on to independent blogging in January of 2016.

In addition to my blogging ventures, I had the opportunity to Manage Blogger’s for the Gacha Garden Event and thorougly enjoyed this position before I moved onto other managing aspirations in my virtual world. The smart, innovative and creative people I have met in this world continue to inspire me and to those that gave me opportunities to grow and learn, I am forever grateful to you.
I am currently a CSR for the [ILAYA] Brand and I also Admin for the [P] Pillows Brand here in Second Life, which is a honor and its Owner’s are Creative|Caring people that I am proud to call my friends.

You can visit My Flickr Page to view my photography journey, as you will see how I have progressed through the years up to this point. I am proud of my accompishments and I love where my travels have taken me.

With Love,
Gia Swizzle

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