Blogging Details | Disclaimer

I want to let all of my Readers and Sponsors aware of my pure dedication to Second Life Blogging. I am committed to bringing you high-quality, yet life-like original photos done solely by me, with a goal to exhibit all that is special about the item(s) on display.

Blogging Second Life Accessorizes, Décor and Fashion is my way of showing the people of the grid what is available, fresh and original, but most importantly my way of utilizing a creative outlet.

I dabble in creative writing outside of Second Life, so any poetry and/or creative writing featured on this Blog is written directly from my brain and my heart. In addition, all posts and the description/texts within are my words and not by anyone elses hand (Unless otherwise noted).
All photos featured on this Blog are photographed and edited by yours truly, Gia Swizzle and nobody else; This includes any decal/photo art that I whip up using purchased licensed art from independant artists, not by copying from internet images.

While these are facts that are important to me and how I operate, I feel it is important to have my creative integrities known and made public.

Yours Truly,
Gia Swizzle