Nothing To Wear….

Nothing To Wear.....

Isn’t it funny that we can have 20+ jeans, dresses and blouses amongst other apparel in our closet, yet we still can not find anything to wear? I totally find this happening to me in my virtual world and first life. I will stand there for what seems like hours just staring at my closet, like “I have nothing to wear!”

Well, I may have that “I have nothing to wear” feeling, but I will have no problem prancing around in this Tetra Sporty Bra and Panty Set until I decide on something. A great addition to her collection, the set is reminiscent of what I see in our First world and I love how she has brought it to life for us to enjoy. Available at Kustom9 until August 10, 2016, you have 8 colors to choose from; If you purchase the fatpack, there is a special edition set that is in a special black and white version.

Sporty Lingerie Color Options

If you have not been already, check out Tetra’s new Sporty Lingerie Set and all that Kustom9 has to keep us looking and feeling our best.

Happy Shopping


What Gia Is Wearing:

Mesh Head:
Genesis Lab
Mesh Body:
Maitreya-Lara v3.5
Slink-AvEnhance Casual Female Hands
Exile-London to L.A. #2 in Dark Browns (Gacha)
TETRA-Sporty Bra @ Kustom9
TETRA-Sporty Panties @ Kustom9
Nail Polish:
[Lemondrop] 24 Nail Colours 2


Decor In Photo:
Serenity Style-Coquette Wardrobe
Serenity Style-Coquette Box Cream
Tres Blah-Hodgepodge-OOTD (Gacha)
*YS&YS* Wardrobe Ladder 00 SOI (Gacha Exclusive from The Gacha Garden Event-August 2015)

In Bloom….

In Bloom

With more talk of Sansar and its release in the foreseeable future, many of us are wondering how much this new platform will effect Second Life and the Resident’s here. Lab Chat is holding another session, which will be a recorded segment discussing Project Bento and other Linden Lab development projects. I encourage all of you to check this out! Continue reading

When Words Are Not Enough….


When words are just not enough, music can speak what we are thinking and feeling. Music has its impact on society intellectually, socially and of coarse on a personal level. So whether you are having a good day or down day, crawl into your cozy space, turn on some music and let it stimulate your brain for what ever mood you are in. Continue reading

Leaving On A Train….

K9_Leaving On A Train_FINAL

Leaving on a train, wanting to leave like yesterday, but procrastination creeps in. Throws everything in her suitcase that she can carry, acting like a runaway, grasping shirts then hair spray. Seeing his face in her mind, quickly shaking it off as those thoughts are vivid snapshots. Her fancy veiled beanie fitted snuggly upon her head, leather jacket twirled over her shoulders….out the door she goes, letting go like dropping photos. Continue reading